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NASA lost a Mars space detector because it slipped into a bug during the design phase.

One generated by replacing the battery in the GPS softwareProgramThe mistake caused a bomb to deviate from its original target and target the American Special Forces soldier.

Microsoft released a program patch to save the huge buffer overflow vulnerability on Microsoft IE 6 caused by the previous program patch.

Although the bug has gradually gained due attention, we have formed a development atmosphere that attaches great importance to the bug and no longer regards it as an inevitable small problem in the development process, we still have a long way to go.

Even if you have a degree in computer science, I bet you never have a course in your university dedicated to debugging. Apart from some mysterious courses such as designing automatic program verification for languages that are not used at all, or debuggers developed for blindly optimistic super-large parallel process computers, the science of debugging for commercial software has never been very popular with educational institutions.

Debugging is the only part that allows software engineers to kick, scream, or even drop their computers. This level of sentiment is very unusual for programmers who are generally speechless and introverted. Debugging is also in the software development processOne of the reasons that can make you stay up late.

For bugs, You must pay high attention to them, because they will eventually make you pay a high price.

Before you start debugging, you must first understand the bug.. My bugIt is defined as "any problems that cause user headaches ". I set the bugIt is classified into the following categories:

NCrash and suspension.

NPoor performance and scalability.

NIncorrect result.

NSecurity vulnerabilities.

NThe user interface is inconsistent.

NNot meeting user expectations.


The causes of a bug can be roughly divided into the following categories:

N too short or impossible delivery period.

Nencode first and then think about the development method.

N requirement comprehension error.

N engineers have blank knowledge or are not properly trained.

N lacks quality awareness.






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