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Error cs0001 internal compiler Error
Error cs0003 memory overflow
Error cs0004 escalation to error warning
Incorrect cs0005 compiler option should be followed by correct parameters
Error cs0006 unable to find the dynamic link metadata file
Error cs0007. NET environment initialization error
Error cs0008 reading metadata from file Error
Error cs0009 unable to open Metadata File
Error cs0010 namespace and type cannot have the same name
Error cs0011 the referenced class cannot find the base class
Error cs0012 cannot find definition of reference type
Error cs0013 unknown error occurred while saving metadata to the file
Error cs0014 indicates file name not found
Error cs0015 type Name Too Long
Error cs0016 unable to output file
Error cs0017 the output file has multiple entries
Error cs0019 the binary operator is not applicable to the specified operand
Error cs0020 divisor is 0
Error cs0021 cannot use index for Type expression
Error cs0022 incorrect Multiple indexes
Error cs0023 the single object operator is not applicable to the specified operand
Error cs0024 unable to open source file
Error cs0025 unable to find standard library file
Error cs0026 invalid keywords used during static attribute, method, and domain Initialization
Error cs0027 keyword invalid in current environment
Warning (Level 4) cs0028 function declaration with incorrect entry ID
Error cs0029 type cannot be implicitly converted
Error cs0030 type cannot be converted
Error cs0031 constant value cannot be converted to type value
Error cs0032 unable to open the incremental compilation File
Error cs0033 disk I/O error when writing incremental files
Error cs0034 binary operator has ambiguity for the specified operand
The error cs0035 indicates that the single object operator has ambiguity for the specified operand.
Error cs0036 output parameter cannot use [in] Feature
Error cs0037 cannot assign null value to Value Type
Error cs0038 non-static type members cannot be accessed by nested types
Error cs0040 debugging initialization error
Error cs0041 saving debugging information Error
Error cs0042 debugging information file creation error
Error cs0043 incorrect PDB file format. The file will be deleted and re-compiled
Error cs0050: the access permission of the returned method type is lower than that of the method.
Error cs0051: the access permission of the method parameter type is lower than that of the Method
Error cs0052 the access permission of the domain type is lower than the access permission of the domain
Error cs0053: the access permission of the attribute type is lower than that of the attribute.
Error cs0054 index indicator Return type access permission lower than index indicator access permission
Error cs0055 the access permission of index indicator parameter type is lower than that of index indicator
Error cs0056: The returned type of the operator has a lower access permission than the operator.
Error cs0057: the access permission of the operator parameter type is lower than that of the operator
Error cs0058 indicates that the type of access permission is lower than the Representative access permission
Error cs0059 indicates that the type of access permission is lower than the Representative access permission
Error cs0060: the access permission of the base class is lower than that of the derived class.
Error cs0061 the access permission of the parent interface is lower than that of the Child Interface
Error cs0065 the event attribute must have two accessors at the same time
Error cs0066 event must be representative
Error cs0067 events have never been used in declared classes
Error cs0068 interface events cannot be initialized
Error cs0069 the event in the interface cannot have accessors
Error cs0070 event cannot appear on the left of operator "+ =" or "-="
Error cs0071 the display interface execution body of the event must follow the attribute syntax format
Error cs0075 parentheses should be used to forcibly convert negative numbers
Error cs0076 The Name Of The Enumerator saved cannot be used
Error cs0077 The as operator must be used together with the reference type
Incorrect cs0100 parameter name already exists
Error cs0101 namespace contains the same name Type
Error cs0102 class already contains indicator definition
Error cs0103 name does not exist in class or namespace
The error cs0104 reference has the ambiguity.
Error cs0105 namespace usage indicator already appears in namespace
The error cs0106 modifier is invalid for the current project.
Error cs0107 Multiple Access Modifiers
Warning (level 1) cs0108 members overwrite inherited members of the same name. The new modifier should be used.
Warning (Level 4) The cs0109 member does not overwrite the inherited member of the same name and should not use the new Modifier
Error cs0110 loop definition between Constants
Error cs0111 methods with the same parameter type have been defined
Error cs0112 static member methods cannot use override, virtual, or abstract Modifier
Error cs0113 the overload member method cannot use new, virtual, or abstract Modifier
Warning (level 2) The cs0114 method overwrites the inherited method of the same name. to overload the method, use the override modifier. Otherwise, use the new modifier.
Error cs0115 unable to find the appropriate method for reload
Error cs0116 namespace cannot directly contain members such as domain or Method
Error cs0117 type cannot contain Function Definition
Error cs0118 constructor name should refer to another constructor
The error cs0119 constructor name indicates that the constructor is invalid in the current environment.
Error cs0120 non-static fields, methods, and attribute members require Object Reference
The call between methods in error cs0121 has ambiguity.
Error cs0122 unable to access members due to Protection Level
Error cs0123 method declaration does not match the representative type
Error cs0126 requires a convertible type
Error cs0127 method with return value of void type should use return statement after expression
Error cs0128 local variable defined in current range
The error cs0131 statement should contain a variable, attribute, or index indicator on the left.
Error cs0132 static constructor cannot have Parameters
Error cs0133 the variable in expression should be a constant
Error cs0134 full name cannot be used in nested namespace
Errors cs0135 declarations conflict with each other
Error cs0136 the name of the local variable cannot be used within the current range. This name has other meanings.
Error cs0138 namespace usage indicator only valid for namespace
The error cs0139 break or continue statement does not have a bounce range.
The cs0140 tag is invalid.
Error cs0143 no class definition Constructor
Error cs0144 unable to create instance for abstract class or interface
Error cs0145 should assign a value to the constant Field
Error cs0146 base class definition Loop
The error cs0148 indicates that no valid constructor exists.
Error cs0149 should use method name
Error cs0150 use Constant Value
Error cs0151 should use integer type
Error cs0152 the tag already exists in the switch statement
The error cs0153 GOTO statement is valid only in the switch statement.
Error cs0154 the attribute or index indicator cannot be used because the reader is missing
Error cs0155 catch or throw type should be inherited from system. Exception
Error cs0156 throw statement cannot be used outside catch clause
Error cs0157 unable to exit finally Clause
Error cs0158 tag within the included range blocked another tag
Error cs0159 the tag in the GOTO statement does not exist
The catch clause before cs0160 has caught all exceptions.
Error cs0161 not all paths can return values
Error cs0162 detected code not executed
Error cs0163 control cannot be transferred from one case statement to another case statement
Error cs0164 tag not referenced
Error cs0165 may use unassigned local variables
The error cs0167 indicates that the call method is missing.
Warning (level 3) variables declared by cs0168 are not used
Warning (level 3) cs0169 protecting domain members from being used
Error cs0170 may use an unassigned domain
Error cs0171: The domain should be assigned a value before the constructor ends.
Error cs0172 because the types can be implicitly converted to each other, the type of the expression cannot be determined.
Error cs0173 the type of the expression cannot be determined because there is no implicit conversion between types.
Error cs0174 base reference requires a base class
Error cs0175 the base keyword cannot be used here
Error cs0176: the static member cannot be accessed in the class instance. The type name should be used.
Error cs0177: the output parameter must be assigned a value before the method ends.
Error cs0178 array initialization structure error
Error cs0179 external method contains execution body
Error cs0180 members cannot be abstract externally at the same time
Error cs0181 unknown feature
Error cs0182 the feature parameter must be a constant, method, field, attribute, or class
Warning (level 1) cs0183 expression always provides the type
Warning (level 1) type that cs0184 expressions always do not provide
The error cs0185 type is not the reference type required by the lock statement.
Error cs0186 null cannot be used in the current environment
Error cs0187 operator does not define this type
Error cs0188 instances cannot be used before all domains are assigned a value
Error cs0190 _ arglise constructor is valid only in the method of using variables
Error cs0191 cannot assign a value to the read-only domain
Error cs0192 read-only domain cannot be of the ref or out type
Error cs0193 or operator can only be used for pointer
Error cs0196 one pointer can only point to one value
Error cs0198 static read-only domain cannot be assigned a value
Error cs0199 the static read-only domain cannot be of the ref or out type
Error cs0200 read-only attributes and index indicator attributes cannot be assigned values
Error cs0201 cannot be used as a statement
Error cs0202 call to getenumerrator must return a class or structure
Error cs0203 method cannot be used as variable
Error: The value range of the local variable cs0204 cannot exceed 65536.
Error cs0205 cannot call the method or attribute of the base class
Error cs0206 attributes and index indicator cannot be passed as ref or out type
Error cs0207 accessors cannot be declared as unsafe
The error cs0208 indicates that the controllable type cannot have an address or length.
Error cs0209 the local variable declared in the fixed statement must be pointer type
Error cs0210 fixed statement must be initialized
Error cs0211 cannot get the address of expression
Error cs0212 the address of a non-fixed expression cannot be obtained during fixed statement Initialization
Warning (level 3) cs0213 no fixed statement is required to obtain the address of the fixed expression
Error cs0214 pointer must be used in the unsafe environment
Error cs0215 the true or false operator must be of the bool type
Error cs0216 operator requires a defined operator to match
Error cs0217 the user-defined operator must have the same return type as the parameter
The error cs0218 type must contain the true and false operators.
Warning (level 3) cs0219 variable assigned but not used
Warning (level 3) operator overflow during compilation in cs0220 checked mode
Error cs0221 constant value cannot be converted to type (available unchecked syntax)
Error cs0223 does not allow Null String case labels
Error cs0224 method cannot have paras parameter and varargs at the same time
Error cs0225 paras parameter must be a one-dimensional array
Error cs0227 Unsafe code cannot appear during compilation
Error cs0228 type does not contain Member definition or definition is not allowed
Error cs0229 member definition fuzzy
Error cs0230 foreach statement missing type and identifier
Error cs0231 Params parameter table and-Arglist parameter cannot have the following variables
Error cs0233 sizeof can only be used in unsafe mode
Error cs0234 class name or namespace Name Not Defined
The error cs0235 indicates that-Arglist cannot be found.
Error cs0236 domain initialization cannot reference non-static domain, method, or attribute
Error cs0500 abstract class member cannot declare entity
Error cs0501 non-abstract or external member functions must declare entities
Error cs0502 class is abstract and closed
Error cs0503 abstract method cannot be marked as virtual
Error cs0504 constant variable cannot be marked as static
Error cs0505 members cannot overwrite inherited non-function members
The error cs0506 function cannot overwrite the inherited function because the function is not virtual, abstract, or override.
Error cs0507 overwrite inherited member function 2, function 1 cannot change access Regulator
Error cs0508 function 1 override inherited member function 2 cannot change return type
Error cs0509 cannot be inherited from seal type
Error cs0513: the abstract class is included in a non-abstract class.
Error cs0514 the static constructor cannot have an external this pointer or a base constructor call.
Error cs0515 static constructor not allowed to access the regulator
Error cs0516 constructor cannot call itself
Error cs0517 no base class cannot call base class Constructor
Error cs0518 undefined or introduce pre-defined type
Error cs0519 name conflicts with predefined namespace
The error cs0520 name conflicts with the predefined type.
Error cs0522 structure cannot call base class Constructor
Error cs0523 structure members reference each other to form a circle
Error cs0524 interface cannot declare type
Error cs0525 interface cannot contain domain
Error cs0526 interface cannot contain Constructor
Error cs0527 the interface type table has a non-interface type.
Error cs0528 the interface is already in the interface Column
Error cs0529 interface hierarchy
Error cs0531 interface member cannot be defined
Error cs0533 the derived class member hides the inherited base class abstract member.
Error cs0534 method does not execute the inherited abstract Method
Error cs0535 class no execution interface member
Error cs0536 class no execution interface member, class member is static, non-public or return type error
Error cs0538 the name in the external interface declaration is not an Interface
Error cs0539 the member in the external interface declaration is not an interface member
Error cs0540 contains type unexecuted Interface
Error cs0541 external interface cannot be declared in class and Structure
Error cs0542 user-defined member names cannot be of the same type as include
Error cs0543 the counter value is too large
Error cs0544 attributes cannot overwrite inherited non-attributes
The error cs0545 function cannot be overwritten because no property can be overwritten.
The error cs0546 cannot be overwritten because no friend can overwrite the attribute.
Error cs0547 attributes and indexer cannot have the void type
Error cs0548 attributes and indexer must have at least one Access Program
Error cs0133 function is a new member of the sealing class
Error cs0550 added an access program not found by an interface member
Error cs0551 Access Program missing for external interface execution
Error cs0552 user-defined interface-related conversions not allowed
Error cs0553 User-Defined conversion related to the base class is not allowed
Error cs0554 User-Defined conversion related to the derived class is not allowed
Error cs0555: conversion between custom include types is not allowed
Error cs0556 User-Defined conversion must take the include type as the source type or the target type
Error cs0557 class repeated User-Defined conversion is not allowed
Error cs0558 User-Defined operators must be static or public
Error cs0559 ++ and-the return type and parameter of the operator must be of the include type
Error cs0560 access program cannot overwrite function-hidden Access Program 2
The error cs0561 function cannot overwrite the method generated by a special compiler.
Error cs0562 unary operator parameter must be of the include type
Error cs0563 a parameter of the binary operator must be of the include type
Error cs0567 interface cannot contain Operator
Error cs0568 structure cannot contain external non-parameter Constructor
Error cs0569 method cannot overwrite non-Method
Error cs0570 class references a type not supported by the Language
Error cs0571 function cannot call operators and accessors externally
Error cs0572 type cannot be referenced through expression. Please try path-to-type
Error cs0573 the structure does not contain domain initialization instances
Error cs0574 destructor name must match class name
Error cs0575 only class types can have Constructors
Error cs0576 name: System alias already exists
Error cs0577 condictional attribute executed by constructors, destructor, operators, and external interfaces is invalid
Error cs0578 the returned function condictionak with a null type is invalid.
The cs0579 attribute is invalid.
Error cs0580 too many unnamed variables define attributes
Error cs0581 this attribute is not applicable to name variables
Error cs0582 interface member's conditional attribute is invalid
Error cs0583 internal compilation error. Use the/bugreport option to create a fault report and submit it to the problem report handler.
Error cs0584 internal compilation error; Phase symbol
Error cs0585 internal compilation error; Phase
Error cs0586 internal compilation error; Phase
Error cs0587 internal compilation error; Phase
Error cs0588 internal compilation error; lex stage
Error cs0589 internal compilation error; parse stage
Error cs0590 user-defined operator cannot return void type
Error cs0591 variable property contains invalid value
Error cs0592 attribute assigned the Error Type
Error cs0594 floating point constant out of bounds
Error cs0595 can only specify this attribute in the null type
Error cs0596 The GUID attribute must be specified together with the comimport attribute
Error cs0597 this attribute lacks an unnamed variable
Error cs0598 invalid guid feature parameter, the variable for this parameter must be a constant string in the form of a XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX
Error cs0599 attributes belong to invalid named Variables
Error cs0601 dllimport attribute must be specified in static or external Methods
Warning (level 1) cs0602 disapproves of using old features. Please use new features
Error cs0608 method cannot be marked as dllimport and sysnative at the same time
Error cs0609: The same attribute cannot be set in the indexer marked as override.
Error cs0610 domain cannot be of the system. typedreference type
Error cs0611 array element cannot be of the system. typedreference type
Error cs0612 member expired
Error cs0614 User-Defined conversions related to system. Variant cannot be defined
Error cs0616 is not attribute type
Error cs0617 trying to access private members failed
Warning (level 1) cs0618 member expired
Error cs0619 member expired
Error cs0620 The indexer cannot have the void type
Warning (level 1) Error cs0621 abstract member and virtual member cannot be private
Error cs0622 array initialization expressions cannot be used for non-array Initialization
Error cs0623 array initialization can only be used for initialization of fields or variables
The error cs0624 returnshresult attribute can only be located in the dllimport or the method with the com standard interface member
Error cs0625 the domain-type instance marked with structlayout must have the structoffset attribute
Error cs0626 external methods without marking dllimport or sysnative cannot be executed
Error cs0627 non-sysnative attribute
Error cs0628 sealing class defines new protection Member
Error cs0629 the conditional attribute cannot be used during interface execution
Error cs0630: the combined category is a class or reference type.
Error cs0631 indexer cannot be a ref or out Parameter
Error cs0632: the attribute variable cannot be of the read-only type
Error cs0633 the variable passed to the name attribute must be a valid identifier
The error cs0634 variable is only valid for the system. InterOP. unmanagedtype. custommarshaller type.
Error cs0635 system. InterOP. unmanagedtype. custommarshaller requires the variables comtype and marshal
Error cs0636 structoffset attribute can only be in the structlayout type
Error cs0637 static domain and common domain do not allow structlayoff attribute
Error cs0638 undefined GLobal IDEntifier
The error cs0640 indicates that a global attribute set cannot be created before a set is generated.
Error cs0641 this attribute is only valid in the derived class of system. attribute.
Warning (level 3) cs0642 null statement may cause an error
Error cs0643 duplicate attribute variable name
Error cs0644 class cannot inherit from base class
Error cs0645 the identifier is too long
Error cs0646 index indicator type cannot be specified system. reflection. defaultmemberattribute
Error cs0647 posting attribute Error
Error cs0648 language unsupported type
Warning (level 3) cs0649 domain unassigned value, will always use the default value
Error cs0650 array declaration Operator syntax error
Error cs0651 syntax error. The Global attribute must be a file range
Error cs0652 constant out of bounds
Error cs0653 cannot apply abstract attribute classes
Error cs0654 non-variable table method reference
Error cs1001 requires an identifier
Error cs1002 requires ";"
Error cs1003 syntax error, missing characters
Error cs1004 double Modifier
Error cs1005 illegal indirect reference type
Error cs1007 attribute accessors defined
Error cs1008 missing byte, sbyte, short, ushort, Int, uint, long, or ulong type
Error cs1009 unidentifiable order
Incorrect cs1010 string is not properly bounded
Error cs1011 character assignment is blank
Error cs1012 multi-character assignment to the same character variable
Error cs1013 Invalid Number
Error cs1014 the get or set method is missing
Error cs1015 requires an object, string, or class type
Error cs1016: attribute variable to be named
Error cs1017 try statement already contains an empty Catch Block
Error cs1018 requires the keyword this or base
Error cs1019 unary operator to be reloaded
Error cs1020 binary operators that need to be reloaded
Error cs1021 integer constant out of bounds
Error cs1022 missing class or namespace definition or file tail
Error cs1023 embedded statement cannot be declaration or label statement
Error cs1024 pre-processor command required
Error cs1025 missing single line comment or line tail flag
Error cs1026 missing ")"
Error cs1027 missing # endif command
Error cs1028 pre-processor command not available
Error cs1029 # error: Text
Warning (level 1) cs1030 # warning: Text
Error cs1031 missing Type Definition
Error cs1032 must be at the beginning of the file # define or # UNDEF Preprocessor symbol
Error cs1033 compiler limit out of bounds: the maximum number of lines allowed for a file cannot be exceeded
Error cs1034 compiler limit out of bounds: the row cannot exceed the maximum number of characters
Error cs1035 locate the end mark of the file and require "*/"
Error cs1036 missing "(" or "."
Error cs1037 missing reload Operator
Error cs1038 missing # endregion command
Error cs1039 unrecoverable string
Error cs1040 Preprocessor command must be located at the first non-null character in the line
Error cs1041 missing identifier
Error cs1042 keyword cannot contain unified code escape sequence
Error cs1501 does not overload methods with numeric type parameters
Error cs1502 the best overload method declaration contains invalid Parameters
Error cs1503 unable to convert the type of the method parameter
Error cs1504 unable to open source file
Error cs1505 compilation option missing file description
Error cs1506 the output file is not in the Assembly directory
Error cs1507 the source file cannot be linked when a module is created
Error cs1508 source identifier used in assembly
Error cs1509 the referenced file is not an assembly. Use Option/Add Module
Error cs1510 ref or out type parameter must be a value
The error cs1511 keyword base is invalid in the static method.
The error cs1512 keyword base is invalid in the current environment.
Error cs1513 missing "}"
Error cs1514 missing "{"
Error cs1515 the source file is contained multiple times
Error cs1516 source file specified multiple times
Error cs1517 invalid processor expression
Error cs1518 missing class, representative, enumeration, interface, structure or union
Error cs1519 invalid declaration of class, structure, or interface member used
Error cs1520 class, structure or interface method should return value
Error cs1521 invalid base type
Warning (level 1) cs1522 switch statement block is empty
Warning (level 1) cs1523 switch statement code should have the case or default keyword before
Error cs1524 case or finally missing
Error cs1525 expression contains invalid characters
Error cs1526 the type in the new expression should be "()" or "[]"
Error cs1527 namespace elements cannot be explicitly declared as private or protected
Error cs1528 missing ";" or "="
Error cs1529 using clause should be before other elements in the namespace
Error cs1530 the new or unsafe keywords are not allowed for namespace Elements
Error cs1532 attribute or index indicator attribute cannot overwrite the other accessors by reloading one accessor at the same time
The error cs1533 indicates that it cannot be called directly.
Error cs1534 binary operator overload can have only two parameters
Error cs1535 one-dimensional operator overload can have only one parameter
Error cs1536 invalid void parameter type
Error cs1537 alias used indicator already appears in namespace
Error cs1538: The type cannot be referenced by a derived type containing the class
Error cs1539 invalid delimiter
Error cs1540 unable to access protection type members by full name
Error cs1541 option invalid: The symbol cannot contain directory
Error cs1542 'dll 'cannot be added to assembly, it already exists in another assembly,/R option should be used
Error cs1545 language does not support attribute or index indicator attribute reference type, try to directly call read or write accessors
Error cs1546 language does not support attribute or index indicator attribute reference type, try to directly call accessors
Error cs1547 the void keyword is not allowed in the current environment
Incorrect cs1548 flag incorrect password during assembly
Error cs1549 unable to find the proper password Service
The error cs1551 index indicator should have at least one parameter.
Error cs1552 when specifying the array type, "[]" should appear before parameter name
The error cs1553 is invalid. The "Modifier + parameter type +…" should be used ......" Format
The error cs1554 is invalid. "Type + operator +…" should be used ......" Format
Error cs1555 the main method in the program does not contain the class
Error cs1556 the owner of the main method should be a valid class or structure
Error cs1557 class containing main method not found in the first output file, but found in the second output file
Error cs1558 class does not have the proper main method
Error cs1559 the imported object cannot be used as the program entry
Error cs1560 # The specified line file name is too long
Error cs1562 passive output: Option/out should be specified
Error cs1563 the output file does not have any source files
Error cs1565 specified option conflict: win32res and win32icon
Error cs1566 source file read error
Error cs1567 error in generating Win32 resource file
Error cs1569 XML document generation Error
Warning (level 1) cs1570 XML comments generate XML documents with incorrect format
Error cs1571 duplicate XML comment parameter mark
Warning (level 2) Error cs1572 unable to find the parameter tag contained in the XML Annotation
Warning (Level 4) Error cs1573 parameter tag included in XML annotation does not match actual Parameter
Warning (level 1) Error cs1574 the CREF feature item contained in the XML comment cannot be found
Error cs1575 stack allocation expression should have "[]" after the type
Error cs1576 # the specified number of lines is missing after the line indicator
Error cs1577 assembly error
Error cs1578 file name, single line comment, or end of line missing
Error cs1579 the type declared by the foreach statement is not defined or cannot be accessed
Error cs1580 the number of invalid parameters in the CREF feature included in the XML comment
Error cs1581 invalid return value in the CREF feature included in the XML comment
Error cs1583 file is not a valid Win32 resource file
The keyword of the error cs1585 member modifier should appear before the member type or name
Error cs1586 array creation should contain array degree or array Initialization
Error cs1600 compilation interrupted by user
Error cs1900 warning level should be 0 ~ Between 4
Error cs1901 specified option conflict: 0 warning level, warning promoted to error
Error cs1904 Invalid Warning count
Error cs2000 compiler initialization error
Error cs2001 source file not found
Error cs2002 source file specified multiple times
The error cs2003 response file contains multiple times
Error cs2005 command line Option Missing specified file
Error cs2006 command line syntax error: switch statement lacks text
Error cs2007 unrecognized command line option
Error cs2008 no specified input
Error cs2011 unable to open the response File
Error cs2012 unable to open file for Modification
Error cs2013 image reference quantity invalid
Error cs2014 the old command line option is out of date. Please use the new
Error cs2015 file is not a source code file, but a binary file
Error cs2016 code page invalid or Not Installed
Error cs2017 cannot use/main or/DLL for the same output file
Error cs2018 unable to open the message file "cscmsgc. dll"
Error cs2019/target type is invalid. Specify 'exe ', 'winexe', 'library ', or 'module'
Error cs2020: only the first output file can be used to create the target, not the 'module'
Error cs2021 the file name is too long or invalid
Error cs3000 method with variable parameters does not comply with CLS
Error cs3001 parameter type does not match CLS
Error cs3002 method returned value does not conform to CLS
Error cs3003 variable type does not match CLS
Error cs3004 Unicode characters mixed and decomposed do not match CLS
Error cs3005: Only indicators with different cases do not match CLS
Error cs3006 only the different indicators of ref and out do not match CLS
Error cs3008 indicator does not match CLS
Error cs3009 base type or interface does not comply with CLS
Error cs3010 CLS-compliant interfaces cannot have members that do not comply with CLS
Error cs3011 members that do not conform to CLS cannot be abstract
Error cs3012 the CLS-compliant attribute cannot be specified in the module
Error cs3013 the added module does not comply with Cls or the CLS-compliant feature is missing
Error cs3014 members cannot be marked as CLS compliant because the Assembly is not marked as CLS compliant
Error cs3015 array-type method feature parameters do not comply with CLS
Error cs5000 unknown compiler Error
Warning (level 1) cs5001 program output file does not contain the defined entry

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