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Because of the company's product business restructuring and functional split components, there will be a lot of interface documents need to be retained, so there is a need for a document management system. At that time the selection requirements of 3 points:

1. Cannot be a SaaS service on the cloud platform, the entire system will be deployed in its own company maintenance (data security)
2..NET Platform Development (Maintenance-conducive)
3. Open source (can be reconstructed on demand)

About three weeks ago, a long open source document management system was found online, but it was not satisfactory. (Showdoc is good, but unfortunately not.) NET platform, since the company has about 7 test server resources (all Windows Server), although there are physical machine permissions to create their own free virtual machine resources, but consider the future maintenance eventually discarded)

And the team a large number of documents need to be organized and retained, I personally also because of the inefficient way of document retention was another development sister asked the mentality of fast-bombing (always interrupted thinking), a bitter lesson, determined to develop a document management system to save my white hair.

The development cycle is about 4 days and two weekends, because the rush so not all fault-tolerant details are implemented (such as: Personnel information mailbox is not repeatable), but this is only individual, 90% has done the details of the processing, and will not affect the use.

Subsequent iterations of the legacy problem will be perfected.

About Quarkdoc

Quarkdoc is a minimalist document management system . For team or individual management documents , improve team communication costs (my future iteration path will also be based on document management and development of common accessibility functions).

Currently (Beta) contains modules: Team management, Project management, directory management, document management, accessibility.

People management : Permissions are both administrators and non-administrators, and non-administrators will not be able to use the Team Personnel Management module.

Project Management : This module is not available to non-administrative personnel.

Directory Management : The directory structure is 3 layers can be arbitrarily configured.

Accessibility features :

1.Json Data Format Verification

2.JSON parameter goto URL

3.Http Impersonation Request

Copyright related

Quarkdoc follows the BSD license Agreement (maximum sincerity).

that is : you are free to obtain, copy, modify, distribute the original software works (source code), but also on the basis of the source of your software works.

Derivative works of the software (its source code) can be closed source without placing any of my copyright notes. However, you may not use any of my relevant information for the purposes of the software's copyright notice or advertising promotions.

Note : If you use Quarkdoc for commercial conduct or derivative products using the front-end HTML portion of the software, purchase a front-end HTML formal license (www.creative-tim.com/product/ material-dashboard-pro/?affiliate_id=101249) This front-end style frame is not what I wrote, I need to get another license.

Update log

Quarkdoc Maintenance Update and source code release must be in Http://www.cnblogs.com/jonins any other platforms (e.g.GitHub, open source China, CSDN, etc. ) are not original authors. ( password Too much really can't remember, simple very good )

/************************************************************************************************************** ***

September 4, 2018 Beta

Link: pan.baidu.com/s/15vukmnyjjsy9atseizut5q Password: Fvps decompression code: Cnblogs/jonins

Quarkdoc Born and Open source

*************************************************************************************************************** ***

Iteration Plan :

1. Code deletion, encapsulation, and normalization (problems left over from short development cycles).

2. Image upload.

3. Upload attachments.

4. Template retention.

5. Historical version.

6. Permissions (sub-project, sub-read/write).

*************************************************************************************************************** **/

Deploying Quarkdoc

1. Download the source code

2. Release Mins.QuarkDoc.Web

3. Execute database Creation script in SQL Server 2008 and later (dbscript.sql file under Mins.QuarkDoc.Web Project Dbscript folder)

4. Modify the database connection string under the Web. config file

1   < connectionStrings > 2     <  name= "DBContext"  connectionString= "Data source=server;initial Catalog=quarkdoc; User Id=sa;password=password "  providerName=" System.Data.SqlClient "/> 3   </ connectionStrings >

5. The program can be executed, the initial login permission (later can be modified in personnel management)

Account Number: jonins@admin.com

Password: admin@admin

Refactoring Quarkdoc

If you think Quarkdoc is good and want to change your needs according to your needs, the following content may help you.

1. Technology stack

Front End: Vue + wangeditor + Bootstrap + jquery.validate + sweetalert + nouislider + xss.js

Backstage: ASP. NET MVC + EntityFramework6 + Unity2.0 + Newtonsoft.json + Nlog (itself is there, dll all brought over, but in the company a week test trial, and did not have a problem, so the log record is temporarily not added)

Design idea: The data layer adopts warehousing mode, and the business layer reduces the direct implementation of the basic method by relying on injecting the base class, which can make the developer pay more attention to the business itself. Because the system business is not complex, the logical pressure of the project has not reached the logic layer, most of the controller has been completed.

2. SOURCE Summary

Example Quarkdoc

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