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Recently I found a new font in the system--Pua, Google, and I learned that the new font was updated with Windows XP SP3.

A closer look, the biggest difference with the usual ry is that the "--PUA" uses the same font as Times New Roman in the Spanish section (half-width ASC-II characters, it is no longer an ugly mess. The following lists the comparison charts of the four fonts:

It can be seen that when the font is set to "Times -PUA", the displayed effect is the same as that of "Times New Roman. "Times New Roman" is a Spanish font and obviously does not contain Chinese characters, because the default Chinese Character Font of the system is "".

I have mentioned in my previous articles that the font of's West text is ugly, and the font is relatively small. The letter M in bold will be reduced into a group, and the layout is very messy during the large-scale layout, therefore, I will avoid using the default Spanish font of on any occasion.

Now Microsoft has finally realized this problem and changed its default font to the default font "Times New Roman" in the Spanish system (at least in English ", matching with, which is a line font, complements each other.

The fourth line is the default "" font in Windows Vista.
), Different from, is a kind of, which is a non-lined font.

In general, the text of a large part should be formatted in line fonts, such as and Times New Roman.
However, when the font is relatively small, it is difficult to display the Chinese characters in English. If the line is added, it may be more difficult. In this case, the font of non-lined lines appears clear.
The hacker is neat and tidy. Maybe this is why Microsoft's Vista and Macs systems have chosen a bold image in pursuit of the visual effects of the interface.

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