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This week, the Java teacher told the array and sort, the teacher asked the bubble sort to compare several times, but do not know how several numbers how to know how to compare a few times, and then I think that number to be compared with the other number, that is, the total is less one, so is to compare N-1 times.

And then we're in C # class this week, the teacher assigned a project, the topic is the Enterprise Inventory Management Letter System, the first is to build a database, build table Set Primary key foreign key when made difficult, I forgot how to set the primary key foreign key, every time when the key outside the main key is looking at others step by step, never remember how to build, Now it is time to do their own do not know how to build, perhaps this project is more difficult than before, the main key outside the key is more, more complex I even that key foreign key table can not understand, the next week I will query the information and ask the students to complete the program seriously.

This week I used to study professional courses less than last week, on-line study courses are not continue to see, this week I will take three hours of spare time to learn java.

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