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Hang out today, see Thinksns, and is open source, there is no detailed look, Website introduction: Thinksns from the Office of the project, web-side based on the domestic technology-leading thinkphp framework development, in addition to the IM client software.
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Free, open source! All based on free open source projects, but also as a free open source project. Provide fee-based service for special customization requirements. Please see the detailed copyright agreement. Internationalization support. Multi-template, multi-language support. Based on the excellent design of thinkphp framework, Thinksns is born with excellent internationalization ability, support multi-language, multimode version. Comprehensive SNS solution. Thinksns is not just a web-side program, with Thinksns growing, we will also develop related IM and client support. WP-style plug-ins and FB API. thinkphp built-in support for WordPress-style plug-in development, we will also provide a complete API, and other systems seamless integration.

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