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Latest news: dottk Free top-level domain name in addition to support forwarding, you can already set a, cname, MX record and modify DNS server! Dottk Free top-level domain names are not stable and cannot be accessed from time to time. It is suitable for watching and not for website construction!

Dottk provides a free top-level domain name for yourname. TK. The website has a Simplified Chinese version and has many years of history. It should be the first free top-level domain name! In the past, the IP addresses of Chinese users were blocked. Recently, it was found that the domain names registered with. TK have been accessed again in mainland China! (. TK is the national domain name of the South Pacific island of Tokelau. you can apply for a free account. tk domain name, supports domain name Forwarding (can hide the original URL), Email Forwarding, a record resolution, cname alias record, MX mail record, set DNS server and other services. There are also a lot of seemingly good domain names that are not free of charge, you have to pay for registration to use!

URL: http://my.dot.tk/

Address: http://www.dot.tk/zh/index.html

If you have registered less than 25 domain names with fewer visits within 90 days, your domain names will be deleted! If you receive less than 10 emails within 90 days after Email Forwarding, Your Email Forwarding service will be stopped!

Dottk Free top-level domain name forwarding Demo: http://www.free8com.tk

Dottk Free top-level domain name resolution Demo: http://www.myfree8.tk

The above text is from free bar (www.free8.com). Thank you for providing free resource information.

The tutorial for yourname. tk domain name is as follows (originally compiled by zhibo blog ):

1. Enter the domain name you want to register at the top of the. TK top-level domain name registration website.

If you register the "zhbo. TK" domain name, just fill in "zhbo. Click "Next" to continue registration.

Note: It is best to select a domain name of no less than 3 letters, otherwise it is easy to touch the paid domain name.

2. The page shown in shows indicates that the domain name can be registered for free.

You can click "Next" to continue registration.

3. Enter your resolution and email address and verification code for further registration.

For example, you have two options. The first is to use the. tk domain name for URL forwarding,

The second is DNS binding, that is, directly binding the domain name you applied for to your network space.

At the same time,. tk domain names also support using your own DNS resolution. For example.

4. After entering the information, click "Next" to fill in the application. tk domain name applicant account. We recommend that you use an English name to apply.

5. enter your name and password twice, as shown in. Remember your password.

Click "Next" to continue registration after confirmation.

6. If the above page appears, the registration is successful, but you need to log on to the email address you just filled in,

Find the domain name activation email officially sent to you by the. tk domain name for domain name activation.

7. After logging on to your mailbox, you can view your registration information and related information in the mail,

Note: copy the "Verification Code" in the email and click the verification address in the email for further verification registration.

8. paste your verification code on the activation page and click "OK" for verification.

9. If you see this page, the. TK Free top-level domain name you registered is successfully registered,

At the same time, you can log in to change your domain name information at any time.

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