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Weekend classes




In-service training, founded by the farmer's uncle, provides short and precise courses with strong pertinence, high timeliness, and low cost, helping developers of different levels quickly advance to the level. Course features:

  • Propagation Speed. Share your latest development experience and make new changes each time you give a lecture.
  • Excellent lecturer. Front-line R & D personnel and senior engineers.
  • Low cost. The training fee is as low as RMB, free trial is provided, and even the post-paid commitment is satisfied.
  • Concentrate the course. Value-added course content, which is highly practical.
  • Course interaction. Discuss and solve various common problems for students on site.
  • Job opportunities. Provide students with job and Project Introduction opportunities.

The farmer's uncle and all part-time lecturers bring you the latest course content. The training fee is as low as RMB, charging the working developers for the weekend. You are welcome to sign up!

The cooperation mode of one topic maximizes the interests of instructors and trainees. For more information, see future recruitment!



Official Website:


Sina Weibo:


Official Email:


Contact info:

138 1182 1337

Course registration:

Mail to yijieke@qq.com registration, submit personalReal name,Mobile phone number,Course name(For example: "Java advanced performance optimization class"), sources of information (for example: "Terry blog http://www.cnblogs.com/TerryBlog/"), years of service, expertise and the most important content of the course, if you receive a reply email, the registration is successful, and the final time and location of the text message are confirmed.



Recruiting part-time IT Lecturers:


Cooperation Mode:
Lecturer: the instructor is only responsible for lectures and receives 80% of the training fee ~ 100%.
Class 1: responsible for recruiting students, finding venues, contacting and other logistics arrangements; obtain 0% ~ 20% commission.

Instructor requirements:
1. Over 3 years of experience in a certain field (such as JAVA, PHP, Android, IOS, and Ruby.
2,Must be in-service personnel.
3. Well-known Internet enterprise employees are preferred.
4. Experience in lectures and video teaching materials is preferred.

Training time:
Saturday and holiday

Requirements for preparing lessons:
1. Provide the course outline
2. 30-minute video (video recording software is provided)
3. Describe the requirements of Students in detail (what requirements should be met, as detailed as possible, and consider situations where the assumption is not acceptable)

Course fee:
Suggested price:
1. 100 yuan per Basic Course/4 hours
2. intermediate courses: RMB 200/4 hours
3. Advanced Courses: RMB 300/4 hours
The series of courses can be priced separately.

Instructor Division:
Excluding the hard cost (mainly the classroom rental fee), the proportion of weekend classes:
1. less than 1000 are free of charge, and 0% are divided into (only for lecturers ).
2. More than 1000, 20% divided.
The fee is mainly used for brand promotion, advertisement promotion, and operation expenses for weekend classes.

Application Method:

Send a resume to the yijieke@qq.com, and attach the course outline, or offline to meet exchange, welcome to call me 138 1182 1337.

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