. Women are not as beautiful as they are.

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Women are not as beautiful as they are. In terms of feelings, women may also be abandoned if they are excellent. Never believe in anything like "he doesn't want me, but I'm not good enough". It's often useless for you, even the crux of the problem is that you are too good to put pressure on a man. He feels that being with you cannot show his strength. He feels deeply tired and eager to break away from your shadows. Therefore, Faye Wong lost to the plateau, while Shao meiqi lost to Liang Yongqi. Never believe that the word "Jian Zhen" is played by iron. In many cases, it is only because the temptation is not strong enough.

Pretty women are not uncommon. There are many streets. But what is really beautiful? Which is the beauty of a woman's unique temperament. A person only pays attention to her facial features, clothing, and material modification. It is a discount for the United States! Focusing on the beauty of the five senses and clothes, only the unique temperament, beautiful mind, And the elegant Beauty of the rich collection of books and the simple inner world is the true beauty of women.

Of course, it is important to be charming and beautiful, but you cannot afford the time to sharpen it!

In ancient times, a woman was taken off. If she could not write a poem like Zhuo Wenjun, "Wen Jun has two meanings, so she could never say", she would have moved Lang Jun's heart to stone, you can only cry and go back to your home ......

Now, the abandonment of Women itself has no such serious Tragic Significance. It is not terrible to be an abandoned woman. What's terrible is that, after being abandoned, the system will suffer from loss and will be down for life. The only thing an abandoned woman has to do is to continue her life. I can also fall in love with others without you, or I can leave words alone after being abandoned like Shao meiqi. More and more think that such a woman is very angry, never put personal grief on the desktop, even if you cry, do not Xianglin.

I remember a long time ago I saw an advertisement saying that love is beautiful because it is freely chosen. This sentence is reasonable. A person who loves and does not love is free to choose. But should love or material be chosen? Why should it be a person's freedom?

A man's pursuit of money is called the pursuit of a career, and there is nothing wrong with his or her pursuit of material. How can a woman become a sinner of the ages and be scolded? Even if she wants to exchange her marriage for her own life, who is entitled to blame her for anything as long as she does not use a mean, indecent means? People have different aspirations. You want your love, she wants her material, and her life posture is different.

There are no right or wrong problems. Be a strong, self-reliant, and beautiful female. A woman may not be beautiful, but she must be beautiful. No matter when, profound knowledge, good cultivation, civilized manners, elegant conversations, broad minds, and a loving mind, it will make a person beautiful enough, even if you are not beautiful.

To live beautifully is to live a kind of spirit, taste, and perfection. As long as a person does not give up, I believe that no one can hinder your progress. Believe in yourself, treat yourself well, make your life brilliant, and make your life more exciting!

Therefore, you do not have to be brilliant, you must be knowledgeable, you do not have to have standard facial features, you must have a unique temperament.
When you have healthy and rosy cheeks, when you are always energetic, when your smile is like the warmth of winter, when you care about people and things around you inadvertently, who can say that you have no charm when you consistently stay open-minded?

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