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[ Workplace survival] Details and feelings [1]: Details
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[Workplace survival] Details and feelings [1]
[Workplace survival] Details and feelings [2]: What are the details?

[Workplace survival] Details and feelings [3]: feelings


When I first entered the software industry, I especially liked to ask the strong people in my eyes a question: "How to make myself faster and stronger than others ?" At that time, I really felt that "10 thousand years were too long to compete for the evening ". Here are two important points to share with you. These two points apply to the departure of technicians and engineers from different industries for the first ten years.

First: Details

In the IT industry, the quality of practitioners is generally high, or, inside and outside your company, IT engineers are relatively close to the level of intelligence, and there is not a big gap between the degree of work. There are some geniuses, but fortunately most of the problems in the IT industry do not need to be solved. It is like the exercises we often do in college, under the guidance of others, we can solve the problem by following a correct idea, which is nothing more than the length of time.

At least for companies I have experienced before, there is no difference in the wisdom and sweat of engineers in tomosoft, linktone, and ultrapower. So what can we do with such a good colleague to allow ourselves to quickly break out and rise?

I will not talk about the workplace skills here, for example, to ensure that I will always be with the company's core Department or main business. For example, I will often inform the leaders of my efforts by phone and email, for example, do not have a victim mentality.

What I want to say is that when you appear in others' eyes for the first time, you must ensure that the work you take out is not only good for idea, but also be sure to conquer others in detail. Many of us in foreign companies say that foreigners are really cool, and they are shocked by the details taken care of by each other. Let's summarize the first sentence of the workplace survival rule:

To stand out from the crowd, take care of your details like watching your life. If the details are better, the other party will think that the more professional you are, the more likely you can cover up some of your inherent weaknesses.

Next, let's elaborate. What people often say is "The Devil exists in the details", usually speaking of company behavior. The "details" we are talking about here is a daily skill and a skill that allows you to take off quickly.

Why is it a skill? Because we have seen too many technical experts who are omnipotent. They can sit there for a few days and nights to make applications that surprise you. Every successful company has a few such super humans. So how do you surpass these people?

Fortunately, 80% to 90% of engineers in China do not pay attention to details, including these technological superhumans.

Most engineers make great strides, drive roads, and bridge bridges, but seldom stop thinking about how to "devote themselves to professionalism and improve success", and seldom think about what you want to do at the company's operation level.

Technical staff, especially those who often look at the frameworks set up by foreigners, must be familiar with their work style. We will not talk about the adequacy of their architecture thinking, their introduction to the open source architecture of the site details taken care of, such as http://www.djangoproject.com/, http://www.springframework.org/, their Q & A easy to read, their mail list of years of failure, their forum feedback was fast...

Forget it. Let's look at how transactional work takes care of the details?

Let's take an example. This is an email from a foreigner who calls everyone to a meeting in France. I don't know how long it will take to write such an email, but I'm sure, it may take a little more time for a professional with good success habits to do so for the first time, but it will not take too much time in the future. The body of the email is shown below, in fact, he also used excel, PPT, Doc template, and so on in his email attachments to help you understand the agenda and schedule of the Meeting and provide Word templates for your convenience, here we will not show them one by one:

A foreigner heldSeminarEmails sent to everyone

Dear all,

Here are some more details related to the organization and preparation of our seminar in Jan/Feb. Please read carefully


Dates & venues:

Feb 1: day spent... In Normandy (1h30 drive from Paris )(It also specifies the time it takes to drive from Paris.)

2-tentative agenda

Subject to slight adjustments but it shoshould be close to that:

3-Who shocould come, where and when?

4-preparation work

January 20-selling session


Peter, Mike, Eric, Rick(This format is concise and concise)


-Post Programme Questionnaire
Kindly return the completed questionnaire to Rick (XXX@XXX.com), CC to me (Specify who you want to send the questionnaire.CCTo yourself)

-Blue sheet implementation

-Why has been done/implemented since June 2006?
-What comments/suggestions wocould you have?

Please send your feedback and comments to Rick, CC to me

PLease note that each and every one of you will need to come to the seminar with one completed blue sheet. You are likely to present the result of your work to the team and share your views/experience/comments.

Here is an e-version of the blue sheet just in case

In order to allow Rick to submit lidate your views, please send all electronic related ents including the completed blue sheet to himNo later than January 25th 2007, CC to me.

Please refer to my earlier mail dated Nov 24th if need be.




Funnel Tool

January 30st-XXXX Seminar


Tick, Zheng


China Focus 2007 section:Please use the following template and prepare your section for your area of responsibility with your team.(For different countriesTeam, Provides a standard template for you to fill in)

Please come to the seminar with your document ready, send it to me in advance if possible.

5-final messages

-All presenters to prepare their own presentation material. Keeping an eye on the clock will be important.
As a guideline, one usually needs 2 to 3 minutes to present one slide
Please remember to get to the point and allow time for Q &.(Remind everyone to understand the basicsPPTDemo process, eachSlideThe time for explanation is limited. At last, you need to set aside time to ask questions. Chinese engineers will surely think that everyone knows this. Why should I write it? As a foreigner, since everyone is from all over the world, it is best to use a unified standard to publicly announce that, after all, not everyone is an old employee .)

-For any questions related to logistics, please contact Frederique Lancry

-For any questions related to the preparation work, please contact Rick

-Business casual attire (remember that it is normally cold in France at that period of time). In other words neither ties nor swim suits needed...
(We will also remind you that France is a bit cold.)

I look forward to a great year in 2007 and to working with each and every one of you.

Thank you very much for your hard work, dedication, and fantastic results in 2006.

Our XXXXX team is great, keep on rocking!

When I saw such an email, I couldn't help but take a breath of cold air. They could have been so professional and took care of all aspects of the colleagues who wanted to participate in the meeting, prompting me that France would be a bit cold, remind me how much time it will take to drive from Paris, and ask who the questionnaire survey is sent to and CC to myself. clearly tell who participates in the meeting and what the main purpose of the meeting is, enter the performance of your region according to the standard template... This is the secret. No matter what level of Chinese engineer you are, it is difficult to feel considerate and admired by people who send such an email.

Some people will doubt that such a faceless work in foreign companies should also become a superficial practice, because many people live/mix up in foreign companies with this practice, it is a bit of a "whitewashed Facade. I also acknowledge this, so I will emphasize that this "detail" is a skill, because you and your colleagues are equally outstanding and hard-working, therefore, you must have a habit that is hard to achieve by others. This habit is recognized by the senior leadership, or it makes you feel intimate in the upper, lower, and lower sides, rather than being amateur.

This tip applies to the first 10 years of departure. [To be continued]
From: http://blog.csdn.net/zhengyun_ustc

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