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This year, the entire stack of designers more and more popular, regardless of visual, UI or interactive is difficult to escape the tide. So deliberately to the programming foundation of the designer to point to easy to understand the introductory course, such as @googdev this series of articles, is to help you learn github, even if not an engineer, you can use it to build a personal website/markdown writing/display CV/vindicate and so on, learn!

  1. Written in front

I have always thought that GitHub is a programmer must have the skills, programmers should not know the GitHub is right, did not think that these two days message to me the most is to want me to write about the GitHub of the tutorial, said to see a lot of information or confused, I thought, I had contact with GitHub Also probably worked for more than a year to start learning to use, I am a lot of readers are beginners, but also a lot of students in school, so will not use GitHub is not strange, so I think that write a tutorial on GitHub is very necessary!

  2. Why do we have to build wheels?

Many people inevitably have to ask this question, saying that there are a lot of information on the internet about GitHub, why write it? Seriously, online information about Android More, why do you still like to read my article? Because even the same content, I wrote it after I have my style, in addition to my humor and my handsome, The key is that I have a way to make you see easy to understand, and there are some of my personal insights and guidance, this is probably a special charm bar!

I came all the way from the white, I can understand your inner feelings and puzzles, because these stages are my own personal experience, so I wrote the article will be from your point of departure, and I have high requirements for the article, in addition to typesetting, with the intention of drawing very attentively, the content of the article every time I will personally see three or four times, Make sure that there are no misleading and you can't understand the situation, you see very easy to read the article actually because I do a lot of homework behind.

So, for you, I think it is necessary to use my style to teach you how to start from 0, follow me step-by-Step learning GitHub!

 3. What is GitHub

Specifically, GitHub is a company located in San Francisco, founded in April 2008 by Chris Wanstrath, PJ Hyett and Tom preston-werner three developers. This is its Logo:

April 10, 2008, GitHub formally established, address: How to people build software GitHub, the main provider of version-managed services based on git. Once on the line, its development speed surprised for heaven and earth, as of now, GitHub has developed into the world's largest open (same) source (sex) community.

 4. The relationship between GitHub and Git

This I also specialized in the group survey, many people think GitHub is Git, in fact, this is an understanding misunderstanding.

Git is a free, open source distributed version control system, developed by the famous Linux inventor Linus Torvalds. When it comes to versioning, it's estimated that a lot of people have used SVN, but Git is the product of a new era, and if you're still using SVN to manage your code, that's a bit outdated. Whether you are learning GitHub, or later want to engage in programming industry, Git can be regarded as the necessary skills, so from now on to suggest you go to learn to understand the next git, I will have some articles to recommend some suitable for novice git learning materials to you.

As GitHub above, it mainly provides a version hosting service based on Git. That is, all of the project code hosted on GitHub is now version-controlled based on git, so git is just a tool GitHub to manage the project, and GitHub is far more powerful than that!

  5. Influence of GitHub

I said GitHub now there is no doubt that the world's largest open source community, so you may think a bit pompous, and listen to my one by one proof:

The world's top technology companies are joining GITHUB and contributing their own project code

Google:google GitHub

Apple: Apple GitHub

Facebook:facebook GitHub

Twitter:twitter, Inc. GitHub

Microsoft: Https://github.com/microsoft


Ali: Https://github.com/alibaba


Top open source projects in the world are preferred to open source on GitHub








Global top programming Daniel joins GitHub

Linux inventor Linus Torvalds:https://github.com/torvalds

Rails founder Dhh:https://github.com/dhh

Called the god of "android" Jakewharton:https://github.com/jakewharton, you use many open source libraries such as Butterknife, Okhttp, retrofit, Picasso, Viewpagerindicator, all of them are from his hand!

Others are not listed, GitHub active on a lot of Google, Square, Ali and other companies employees, and some even Google Android team group, so here you can contact the world's top programming Daniel!

 6. What's the use of GitHub?

Learn the best open source projects

The open source community has always had a popular phrase called "Don't reinvent the wheel", and in a sense it is because of the contribution of the open source community that our software development is becoming easier and faster. Imagine you are doing projects, if each module to write their own, such as network library, picture loading library, ORM Library and so on, their own writing good is one thing, time and resources is a great cost. Big companies may have the manpower and resources to invent their own wheels, but for most internet startups, time is everything. And you are using the process of open source project can also learn their excellent design ideas, implementation methods, this is the best learning materials, but also a perfect way to improve their ability!

Multi-person collaboration

If you want to launch a project, for example, a good English document, feel that a person's energy is not enough, so you need more people to participate in, this time GitHub is your best choice, interested people can participate in, use their spare time to contribute to the project, and then can mutual review, merger, Don't be so good!

Build a blog, personal website or company website

This is needless to say, now more and more bloggers are based on GitHub Pages to build, you can customize their own style, you can give your blog to buy a high domain name, no longer endure the major blog site constraints and all kinds of advertising!


If you like writing and are based on markdown, and are ready to publish books, then recommend you to use Gitbook, technical Writer's favorite!

Personal Resume

If you have an active GitHub account, which has its own good open source projects, but also often to other open source projects to ask questions, push code, then you find a job will be a very big advantage, now the programmer's recruitment of many companies are very fancy you GitHub account, a sense of GitHub It can be counted as your resume. And not only at home, a lot of foreign technology companies will be through GitHub to find excellent talent, such as I even received through the GitHub Facebook invitation mail!


Of course GitHub can do far more than these, I have seen a lot of GitHub engaged in a number of interesting projects, have to find a boyfriend, and even the use of GitHub commit the show of love, yes, that lunatic is me, if you have paid attention to the previous days of my GitHub , you can see such a spectacular sight:

  7. Join GitHub

After reading my article, I believe you are ready, from now on, immediately, immediately to register a github"how people build software github", to experience some, will not matter, next I will have a series of detailed articles, to teach you learn to use GitHub!

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