0511 Backlog Project Management

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This assignment is to determine the scrum plan and determine a sprint cycle for the sprint backlog, which is two weeks. Strive to release version 1.0 within two weeks.

This assignment is based on website construction:

1 Home 9 9 hours Users log on to the site can also see the promotion of the content of visitors, can register, by the administrator collected more than the user will also be published in the select list, we will also give the active user bonus
2 Chicken Soup Layout 3 3 hours It offers a selection of chicken broth with a brain connotation, and a daily "head-over soup" equivalent to a hot spot at the moment, making a headline on the positive energy side.
3 Satin Layout 3 3 hours To the user of the main slot, and the main idea of the page, the collection of user useful jokes creative, by the administrator tired filtered out published in the home
4 L on Soup Layout 3 3 hours Provide links for visitors to browse other things, as well as sponsored ads, we will create a creative advertising program to help you promote. Users can spit and communicate with each other.

Future goal: Have a own server, used to publish their own website, and then widely promoted, so that more and more people know our site, we can also translate these chicken soup into national languages, to the world to promote.

0511 Backlog Project management

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