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  • Introduction and improvement of delphi8.0 examples
Introduction and improvement of delphi8.0 examples

DelphiTutorial Series of books(078)Delphi8.0Getting started with and improving examples Organize netizens (state)Email:Shuaihj@163.com



  • Title: introduction and improvement of Delphi 8.0 examples
  • Author: edited by Dongfang renhua
  • ISBN: 7-302-11202-9
  • Price: cny39.00
  • Released in: Beijing
  • Press: Tsinghua University Press
  • Published on: 2005
  • Page number: 11,421 pages
  • Open: 26 cm


Borland's latest rad programming tool, Delphi 8.0, is a powerful and fast development tool that is widely used in the current programming world. However, for beginners, it takes a lot of time and effort to fully grasp the essence of it. This book is designed to address this situation. This book comprehensively describes the Delphi programming technology on the Win32 platform in the form of examples. The selection of examples is from simple to deep, and various examples are reasonably interspersed according to the elaboration content and structure levels, it has strong logic and knowledge, and the analysis of examples is very accurate and in-depth, so that this book has a strong practicality. Compared with similar books in China, this book focuses on combining practice with theoretical analysis, focusing on examples, and focusing on helping readers learn key technologies, in the end, the reader can quickly master the latest rad tool in the instance, quickly improve their programming level, and obtain more practical skills in Delphi 8.0 control, API, and framework programming. This book is a computer book integrating technology, skill, and information.


Chapter 2 Object Pascal Language

1.1 General application development process

1.2 simple calculator

1.3 definitions and Applications of Common Data Types

1.4 define and use processes and functions

1.5 comparison and Application of string types

1.6for loop print 9-9 multiplication table

1.7while loop accumulate 1 to 1000 demo

1.8repeat statement

1.9case statement to determine the Integer Range

1.10if statement to determine the Integer Range

1.11 format the output result

1.12 conversion of strings and Data Types

1.13 switch between hexadecimal numbers

1.14memorystream transfers text

1.15tfilestream implements File Replication

1.16 Import and Export Database Images

Chapter 4 interface creation

2.1 transparent text and border effects

2.2 implement the array of dynamic button controls

2.3 password and date data input

2.4 input combo box with Memory Function

2.5 comparison of uniqueness and combination selection

2.6 move the specified "object" between containers"

2.7 bar control function demonstration

2.8 graphical and image controls

2.9 Add a subitem to the tree control

2.10 simple file Browsing System

2.11 progress bar application demonstration

2.12 grid display of specified content

2.13 main menu and pop-up menu

2.14 electronic clock

2.15 comprehensive demonstration of common dialogs

2.16 create and restore irregular forms

2.17 application window creation skills

2.18 Common Desktop programming skills

2.19 pallet program with variable moving window

Chapter 4 Text Processing

3.1 string truncation and copying

3.2 string encryption and decryption

3.3html to txt

3.4tstringlist common methods



3.7 Single Text Editor Design

3.8 multi-page text editor

3.9 create an MDI Text Editor

Chapter 2 graphic image processing

Basic plotting of points, lines, and surfaces

4.2 common paint methods and functional attributes

4.3 common methods and functional attributes of image painter

4.4 random color generation and gradual

4.5 determine the image file type

4.6 image and clipboard applications

4.7 Any background color transparent bitmap display

4.8 specify the background color transparent bitmap display

4.9 graphic image browsing and editing software

4.10 convert JPEG, ICO and other images to BMP Images

4.11 create stunt effects for Graphic Images

Chapter 2 multimedia processing

5.1 sound card detection and volume settings

5.2 several methods for playing wav files

5.3imagelist implement animation and animation icons

5.4 apply the mouse to implement animation

5.5 apply bitmap, tanimate, and timer animations

5.6 multimedia control programming: creating a simple Media Player

Chapter 4 File Management

6.1 read and edit text files

6.2 comprehensive file operation demonstration

6.3 directory operation comprehensive instance

6.4 disk operation comprehensive instances

6.5 search for full files

6.6 create an instance in the File Manager

Chapter 2 Windows Advanced Programming applications

7.1 define the most basic tthread Program

7.2thread comprehensive application

7.3 establish management thread applications using multi-threaded APIs

7.4 file handle-based text printing method

7.5 use tprinter objects for image and text printing

7.6drag Technology in Windows

7.7 clipboard and text Image Processing

7.8dll Dynamic Link Library Creation

7.9dll Dynamic Link Library call

7.10 Resource file Utilization

7.11poke game licensing example

Chapter 2 database

8.1 database table design and program display

8.2 program dynamic form design and establishment

8.3 dynamic alias setting and system alias list display

8.4 use the batchmove control to back up database tables

8.5 use the query control to query SQL data

Use the clientdataset control to read XML database tables

8.7 comprehensive demonstration of data control components

8.8 use filter to create data retrieval with compound Conditions

8.9sql application in database tables

Chapter 2 advanced Internet programming

9.1 programming for HTTP protocol processing

9.2 call of common functions in wnet APIs

9.3pop3 protocol processing

9.4 obtain the local name and IP address

9.5 set Host Name

9.6 how to check the connection status

Chapter 2. NET Framework programming Basics

10.1winform Application Development Basics

10.2 button, check box, and single-choice button programming demonstration

10.3 panel, groupbox, tabcontrol Control Programming

10.4 ListBox, listview, ComboBox, and Treeview Control Programming

10.5 horizontal and vertical scroll bar, trackbar, progressbar Control Programming

10.6 toolbar and status bar control programming demonstration

10.7 Timer control programming demonstration

Chapter 2. Net text and Interface Programming

11.1 demo of label, linklabel, Textbox, and RichEdit Programming

11.2 main menu and pop-up menu programming demonstration

11.3 comprehensive demonstration of Common Dialog Box controls

11.4 interaction between text and clipboard

11.5 create a winform MDI Application

Chapter 2. Net graphic image programming

12.1 application of picturebox and imagelist graphical and image controls

Settings of commonly used colors in 12.2.net

Several Methods for displaying images in 12.3.net

Comprehensive demonstration of commonly used plotting methods in 12.4.net

12.5 interaction between image and clipboard

12.6 creation of image editing software

Chapter 2. Net file and directory Programming

13.1file object common methods comprehensive demonstration

13.2demo of common methods for directory objects

13.3.net file and stream read/write operations

13.4 create a directory tree using the Treeview Control

13.5 create a file list view using the listview Control

Chapter 2. Other advanced programming applications of. net

Definition and use of multithreading in 14.1.net

Text Printing Technology in 14.2.net

Image Printing Technology in 14.3.net

Data and object dragging Technology in 14.4.net

14.5 use the BDP engine to develop. NET database applications

14.6.net development email sending Tool

14.7.net development of IE browser

Chapter 2 ASP. NET Advanced Programming


15.1 compile Web applications using ASP. NET

15.2 add BDP database technology to Web Applications

15.3 compile WebService using ASP. NET

15.4vcl form application WebService

15.5 Windows Forms Application WebService

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