0909 Operating system First sense

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1. What does the operating system do?

Provide a variety of services, simple and clear interface to improve the user's operational efficiency. Like traffic rules, there is no standard rules, then it is easy to have accidents and jams.

2. Why learn the operating system?

(1) There is an overall knowledge framework for the operating system of the computer used in peacetime.

(2) realize that a perfect operating system can be composed of many small operating systems, which makes the function more powerful and more efficient.

(3) to exercise their own more delicate way of thinking about the problem.

(4) The functions of the operating system are used in many fields, and mastering more knowledge is helpful to oneself.

3. How to learn the operating system?

Listen carefully in class, pay attention to experiment class, practice operation. Find out what's interesting about this course and nurture your interests. After class, you can have an entertaining contact with relevant knowledge. The key is to practice more.

4. Understand the history of the operating system.

(1) Computer system without operating system-vacuum tube (2) Single-channel batch processing system-transistor (3) multi-channel batch processing system-integrated circuit (4) Time-sharing system (5) Realtime system

0909 Operating system First sense

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