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A system that records, manages, and determines maritime rights and interests in a space. These boundaries have potential rights and interests in adjacent waters.
Maritime nationality refers to the state's registration system for the use of sea areas, the statistical system for the use of sea areas, and the Paid Use System for sea areas, books and maps that record the location, address, ownership, area, purpose, term of use, sea level, and gold collection standards for sea use in each project. 40 s

10 s

The sea area is an important basis and carrier for the development of the marine economy!
The establishment of the system facilitates the management of sea space, including sea usage and sea usage changes!
At the same time, it can realize automatic detection of sea changes, and rationally plan the sea to avoid unnecessary sea conflicts!
The establishment of the system can effectively promote the construction of spatial informatization in China's coastal zones. At the same time, it has important scientific and practical significance for this research! 30 s

Foreign coastal countries started their early understanding and application of information management of marine resources. The concept of "Digital Ocean" was first proposed by Western developed countries. Since 1990s, maritime nationality management has been included in the strategic goals of territorial waters by many countries.

The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), which is located on three sides of the United States, has established an integrated marine information system since the 90 s of the last century in combination with various industries and 3 S technology!
Canada has the longest coastline in the world,
Australia is surrounded by sea, and the study of sea nationality started earlier!

In China, the data is mostly collected, recorded, and output. GIS does not analyze different elements in space and time! 2 m

Establish a system based on software engineering standards, including requirement analysis, system design, programming and debugging, and final operation and maintenance!
To achieve unified management from the country to the local, the traditional maritime management is separated at all levels, and there is a big problem with data updates!
Achieve coordinated development of different marine functions in different intervals, and detect and analyze existing sea conflicts!
It is compatible with the historical and planning seas, and is achieved through comparative analysis of historical databases and current data! 40 s

Business Management
Including investigation, registration, and query
Update image data to dynamically monitor sea area changes
By detecting and analyzing sea changes, we can analyze different elements in space and time for 30 s.

Specify System Development Plan: Implementation Plan and feasibility study report!
System Requirement Analysis: GIS Requirement Specification and preliminary GIS user manual!
System design: three processes: general design, database design (Data Organization), and detailed design (each module!
System program code: Write
System product testing: Debugging
System operation and maintenance: After the delivered GIS product is put into use, it may need to be modified for many reasons! 1 m

The Shanghai Ocean function zoning map specifies that each type of sea has different environmental requirements, and each type has the quality of sea water and marine biology suitable for its environmental requirements, establish a certain algorithm based on the relationship between different water quality to implement the detection function between different sea types! 30 s

Buffer detection-detection at spatial scale!
First, marine function partition A is an existing partition, and marine function partition B is the area to be planned. Based on the previous algorithm, calculate the theoretical minimum distance between the two, check whether a conflict exists through the buffer zone analysis!
Historical detection by sea-it is time-scale detection! Due to the differences in sea area types, the historical use of the sea may lead to changes in water quality. Therefore, you must consider the impact of the historical use of the sea when planning the use of the sea!
T1, t2, and t3 are three time periods. t1 and t2 are the historical accumulation periods of the sea, and the t3 time periods overlap. In this case, besides space analysis, we also need to consider the influence of time, different types of sea use have different impact years on various types of sea use. Therefore, corresponding analysis is required to determine the feasibility of planning and using the sea! 2 m

First, you can use the editing tool to draw the desired ocean area in the graph. The properties and detection dialog box is displayed,
Attributes can be modified because the attribute values directly affect the operations in the background.
Detection methods, including buffer detection and historical sea detection
Display conflicting areas for reference and improvement! 1 m

The user interface includes the just-implemented sea change detection, graphic management, sea nationality survey, registration, change, query statistics, and result output.

The lower layer is the database. Different databases store different data and can achieve different organization and computing!

The intermediate layer is the communication layer,
Use the C # language, ArcGIS Engine component, and ArcSDE to organize the databases running in the background and the system interface! 1 m

The first stage is course learning, Document Reading and related development technology learning.
The second stage is to conduct system definition and requirement analysis, and establish various databases at the same time.
The third stage is the compilation of the system design program.
Finally, I wrote my master's thesis for 40 s.

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