1-4 Introduction to Softwares

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Software Engineering


Software Specification Description P (Plan): specifies the functions of the software and its operation restrictions software development D (do, implement ): produce software validation C (inspection, testing, debugging, maintenance, and operation) Meeting specifications: Test, debugging, maintenance, and operation, and confirm that the software can improve the software required by the customer. A (Maintenance ): improvements as required by customers.

Raise questions about the software life cycle-No (from the beginning of the proposal to do the software until it is discarded, this time is the life cycle)
During this period, corresponding documents will be generated for each stage:
1. Develop a plan: determine the overall development goal and propose requirements for functions, performance, reliability, and interfaces. Preparation: feasibility study report and project development plan. 2. Requirement Analysis: analyze the requirements. Write: Software Requirement Specification and user manual. 3. Software Design: Outline Design: determine the main modules. Detailed Design: Determine the data structure and interfaces in each module. Writing: Summary Design Manual, detailed design manual, Database Design Manual
4. Programming: write code. Compile: program list
5. Software Testing: static testing: manual inspection of non-computer status.
Dynamic Test: check the machine.
Unit test: Correct the functional and structural problems of each module.
Assembly test: Assemble tested modules in a certain order for testing.
System Test: run the test as a whole according to user requirements ~. Compile: test plan, test analysis report, and Operation Manual. 6. Operation and Maintenance:
Corrective maintenance, applicability maintenance, and perfection maintenance.

Each stage should contain documents so that problems can be justified. In order to achieve better communication between different departments... so the document is very important.

1-4 Introduction to Softwares

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