10 browsers you have never heard

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Firefox. Internet Explorer. Chrome. safari. Opera
This is the browser we use every day. In the new browser war, they are fighting for death, even though their respective market share is quite different, however, in the short term, it seems that no one of them will win, such
If you are bored with the battle of browsers and want to change your taste, this article will introduce you to 10 browsers that you seldom hear.


1. stainless

It is a Google Chrome-like browser with multiple processes similar to chrome and some better features. For example, you can log on to the same site with different accounts on different browser tags, this function is useful if you want to log on to multiple Gmail accounts at the same time.

Current version
: 0.7.5

Supported Systems
: OS X Leopard and snow leopard.

2. Maxthon

Is a browser with many configuration options, especially security. The built-in ad hunter can block most advertisements. You can choose to use menus, hotkeys, word associations, tool bars, mouse gestures and more than 1400 plug-ins to enhance the browsing experience. Other functions include built-in screen capture tools, URL aliases, and feed readers.

Current version
: 2.5.11 (the classic version is also available: 1.6.5)

Supported Systems
: Windows

Note: This Chinese browser called aoyou is no stranger in China.

3. Sleipnir

It is very popular in Japan and occupies the main Japanese market. It can be highly customized, with excellent speed and performance. It can be customized through skin and plug-ins, just like all good browsers, this browser focuses on security and availability and supports tag browsing.

Current version
: 2.9.2

Supported Systems
: Windows 98 and newer

4. swiftfox

It is an optimized version of Firefox, which has better speed and functions than the public version of Firefox. It supports Firefox plug-ins. The basic interface is consistent with that of Firefox, but it is more concise.

Current version
: 3.5.6

Supported Systems
: Linux

5. lunascape

Is the only three-engine browser in the world. The rendering engine includes Gecko, Trident, and WebKit. It supports Firefox and IE Plug-ins and also includes its own plug-in system. It is said to be faster and lighter than other browsers.

Current version
: 6.0.1

Supported Systems
: Windows

6. Konqueror

Integrates browsing, local and remote file management, and universal file reader, open source, HTML 4.01, Netscape plug-in, built-in FTP and WebDAV

Supported Systems
: Linux

7. SeaMonkey

Developed by Mozilla, It is a multi-in-one Internet Suite. Although its built-in browser is similar to Firefox, it also has built-in
E-mail, newsgroup, HTML editor, and IRC chat prediction web development tools. Its email function supports multiple tag views, which can be output by the HTML editor.
CSS and web development tools include the Javascript debugger and Dom detector.

Current version
: 2.0.1

Supported Systems
: Windows 2000 and newer, Mac OS X 10.4 and newer, and Linux.

8. omniweb

Developed by omnigraffle and omnioutliner Based on the WebKit engine. It features fun and easy to use, including all the browser functions we are looking forward to. It also saves the current browsing session (so that it can be re-opened later) and supports automatic saving and built-in RSS reader.

Current version
: 5.0.1

Supported Systems
: Mac OS X 10.4.8 or newer

9. Camino

You can
As a specially customized Firefox for Mac, based on gecko 1.9
Engine, supports anti-phishing and malware protection, supports tag browsing, and contains a preview tag, allowing you to see the preview of all tags, blocking ads, pop-up windows, and Flash
Animation, its key chain function can save browsing creden, it also contains download prompts, applescript, feed detection, session save and other functions.

Current version

Supported Systems
: Mac OS X 10.4 or newer

10. Flock

It seems to be better known than the various browsers above, especially if you like social network applications, it can help you manage your social media activities in your browser.

With flock, you can easily share and publish information between social media networks. It integrates Facebook, Gmail, Digg,
YouTube, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter, WordPress, blogger, delicious, Bebo,
Social media networks such as typepad and Picasa. Main features include friend sidebar, media bar (browsing photos and videos), and built-in feed
Reader, image uploader, blog Editor, etc.

Current version

Supported Systems
: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X


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