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Site does not seek more, and refinement, so in the middle of the night 3, I word the keyboard, just for everyone to identify a good site.

First, Reeoo

Reeoo can be filtered according to the good color of the site, in fact, regardless of color, Reeoo has been the top design site, very very many of the top designers to provide the top-level design, so that designer long sought after. And according to color screening this function, it is to make people happy to be added, really very convenient.

  Second, StraightLine

A Japanese web design summary website, Japan's tolerance of the design style, really let people stop, belong to the super engaging type, compared to China's impetuous, fancy, the world's trend, changeable, the Japanese design trend has been simple, atmospheric, designed to penetrate into the Web site, is worth learning.

 Third, Capptivate

Capptivate is an aggregation of app dynamic design patterns of the site, before the friend Xiao Grief has done a model of the account number, dedicated to share video dynamic effect, but also the way to collect and organize the recording screen. and capptivate above continue to follow the footsteps of the new app release, update the latest some excellent video effects, many times we do an interactive effect does not need to use AE to achieve, but take the effect of the above reference can be.

 Four, Litterbigdetail

Litterbigdetail is a summary of micro-design site, the details of the devil, so silky lubrication experience, behind the meticulous details of the grinding. I have also maintained a micro-credit "small detail experience", but also in the record of all experience details encountered, inspiration is littlebigdetail.

Five, Pttrns

Pttrns has collected more than 1000 app design templates and is constantly being updated. These screenshots are categorized according to the features of the app or the type of screenshots. In addition, you can see the screenshot more clearly by magnifying glass.

  VI. Inspired UI

The inspired UI also has the iphone design mode, the Android design model, and the ipad design model, the content is relatively comprehensive, but app update is not fast enough, but it can also be used as a reference, but also a way to classify the switch.

 Seven, lovely UI

is also a design pattern collection site, app update is not fast enough, but the information organization is very good. Popular labels are all listed on the top, you can quickly switch the filter.

  Eight, Mobile pattern

There are a collection of design patterns for the iphone and Android, but there's a lot more to it, but the real thing is that the Android design is really pretty small, and it's not clear that there are more and more App,iphone and Android with the same design, But how is Android still hard to do well?

 Nine, Androidpatterns

The rare Android design pattern Library has less content and basically discards updates.

Ten, Dribbble

The world's top designers, will upload their own works on the dribbble, Dribbble is to adopt a restrictive level of registration, dribbble invitation code is really a code difficult, so, if you need to find inspiration, or with senior designers to learn, so much bubble dribbble it.

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