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A wireframe is a visual guide that can be used to interpret a Web site's keel, as well as a schematic or screen blueprint for a page. Wireframe is very easy to create and make necessary modifications. Help designers to perform iterative design with low cost and high efficiency.

In order to better design and modify the wireframe, we will choose some excellent tools, of course, is axure, Mockflow and Balsamiq mockups and so on.

In the early stages of design, you can draw basic sketches on paper or on a whiteboard to help you complete the concepts of user interface and task flow. These types of wireframes can be well satisfied with small items so that you can start directly into the development phase. However, for most projects, we have to help with some design software, such as Adobe Illustrator,visio or OmniGraffle.

These wireframes have very high value because they are easy to modify and make it easier for the design team to communicate and manage the project.

A wireframe display of the finished page layout model

In order to make an excellent wireframe and draft page, we can consider the following 10 excellent tools to choose from, to help you to create Web page creation, wireframe sketch design:


Axure is a very suitable tool for designers, it can create wireframe, design flow chart, interactive design, automatic output site prototype, automatic output Word format specification file. With ready-made widgets including buttons, form fields, shapes, and dynamic elements, you can choose to edit in a familiar environment, and you can even create your own custom widget library.

Interested children's shoes can try to learn to use

Windows version: Http://axure.cachefly.net/AxureRP-Pro-Setup.exe


Axure6.5 Chinese Language Pack download address: http://www.axure.us/283/


Mockflow is a very good tool, similar to Axure, but it is a completely web-based view of the Product prototype tool, can help you to your own software user interface, as well as Web refactoring design and real-time collaboration. It comes with a large number of built-in components and icons, such as buttons, pictures (image), text panel (text panels), Pull-down menus (droplist), progress Bars (Processbar), and so on.

Balsamiq mockups

The use of Balsamiq mockups is like digital painting, but slightly different. You can easily adjust and rearrange, the end result is like a pleasing graffiti, in addition to the real paper and pen, visual it is the most convenient tool. The software has 75 preset controls to choose from, and you can use it to design a super simple dialog box. You can also use it to design any mature application, whether it's a simple website or a rich Internet application that can be used to do it.

Pencil Project

As a free Firefox plugin, this tool has some key features, such as built-in templates, support for multi-page files, and multiple export options. Although simple but very practical, it is suitable to draw some simple interfaces (this certainly does not include those who are interested in using Wrod to draw up software users).


This is a fully web-based design tool that has many practical features, including the ability to drag and drop individual projects and facilitate the management of the entire design. It also supports real-time collaboration.


The tool is also web-based, which allows you to organize multiple layouts to help you connect multiple entity models. (To mention here, the tool was developed by a man and a woman, two Indians).


This is a cool online drawing tool that allows you to draw different types of charts, such as site maps, wireframe, UML diagrams, and network diagrams.


Protoshare is a very handy online prototyping tool that focuses on teamwork. Team members can review the work through this tool and provide feedback in time to advise on wireframe or content.


Iplotz is a great tool to quickly allow you to quickly create clickable prototypes, navigation, page layouts, and wireframes for Web sites and applications.


This is a Mac OS application that has a variety of tools that allow you to build excellent wireframe models, charting, flowcharts, org charts, and illustrations. As we've just said, we need to be aware that OmniGraffle only supports Apple's devices, and downloads are available on its home page.


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