10 Free and open source project management tools

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10 Free and open source project management tools Summary:In any project development or design, project management is considered to be one of the most important processes, so choosing an appropriate project management tool is particularly important. This article has collected 10 best free and open source project management tools, hope to help you!

In any project development or design, project management is considered one of the most important processes, so choosing an appropriate project management tool is particularly important. Project management refers to the process of managing project planning, definition, monitoring, control, and confirmation of delivery, so its advantages are also recognized.

This requires a better, free project management tool to manage as the requirements for specific project management in each domain increase. Therefore, an efficient and good project management must be fast, powerful, and include the following functions: Scheduling, cost control, resource allocation, budget management, documentation, collaboration, and communication. This article, the author collects 10 best free and open source project management tool, hoped to be helpful to you!


Openproj is a free and open source application that works perfectly on UNIX, Linux, Windows or Mac systems. It's a replacement for all Microsoft Project desktop applications, and you can even open a local project file. The scheme has features such as cost accounting, network diagrams (PERT charts), Gantt charts, RBS, and WBS charts.


This is an easy-to-use, free management tool for project scheduling and management based on Gantt charts. Key features include task assignments, hierarchical classification, Gantt charts, PERT Chart generation, resource load graphs, HTML and PDF reports, MS Project export/import, and WebDAV based on group work management.


This is a support online, multi-lingual, multi-user project management solution. This tool is free, open source, and is primarily maintained by volunteers from the open source community, including:

    • Task and project management;
    • Company, contact, Department management;
    • resource allocation;
    • To-dos;
    • Forum
    • Calendar
    • Gantt Chart;
    • Report.


This is a powerful, modern, free and open source project management tool. It's a new way to plan and track projects, and it's a much better and more flexible Gantt Chart editing tool.

TaskJuggler provides optimized time scheduling, which helps you calculate project timelines and resource allocations based on the project content and constraints you provide. It has been successfully used in large-scale projects, and it is also well suited for innovative management strategies such as lightweight project management and extreme programming.


This is a free, open source modular application for coordinating group activities and sharing documents and information over the Internet. Phprojekt components include group calendars, Time card systems, project management, file management, mail clients, contact management, and more.


This is a lightweight, standalone development platform written in Java that allows anyone to manage multiple projects, tasks, or clients simultaneously, efficiently tracking each project's time. Key features include:

    • Easily integrates with existing billing systems or time management, supports JDBC, uploads projects to ODBC and JDBC compliant databases;
    • No need to worry about customization or vendor lock-in issues;
    • Cross-platform support for Windows, OS X, Solaris, and Linux;
    • Plug-ins can be created using the standard JavaBeans framework to extend functionality. Users and developers can easily create their own add-ons to quickly add custom features;
    • Customize your personal style.


This is a self-hosted PHP, free Open source project management tool that manages tasks, teams, and projects through a local web interface. This will help your company communicate and work together to complete the established tasks. In fact, it functions like other commercial project management products, with the difference being extensibility and allowing self-hosting.


This is a complete Web-based solution dedicated to enhancing team productivity, collaboration, management, and communication. Key features include:

    • Manage tasks, contacts, documents, calendars, messages;
    • Manage the project process, develop customer bills and track time;
    • Access information from a single dashboard;
    • Facilitate communication with suppliers, customers and colleagues.


This is another modern Web application that allows teams to co-manage projects, manage files, milestones, and tasks, and send instant messages to each other. Supports more than 20 languages by integrating with other Web services using the XML API to enable the import of data functionality from other applications. Collabtive is a web-based project management system, very well-known project management software. Features include: project management, live chat tools, tasks, file management, time tracking, multi-lingual support.


This is an open source, flexible project Management Web solution. Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, supports cross-platform and cross-database. Redmine is an open-source, web-based project management and defect tracking tool. It is visualized with calendars and Gantt charts to aid projects and progress. It also supports multi-project management. Redmine is a free open source software solution that provides integrated project management features, problem tracking, and support for multiple versioning options. While the Business Project survey tool, like IBM Rational Team concert, is already strong, but to stick to a free and open source solution, you might find redmine a useful scrum and agile choice. Because the design of Redmine is greatly influenced by Rrac, their packages have many similar characteristics. Redmine is built on the framework of Ruby on Rails, and he can boast platforms and databases. Key features include:

    • Flexible project control;
    • Support multiple projects;
    • A flexible problem tracking system;
    • Gantt Chart;
    • News, document/document management;
    • Email/distressed notifications;
    • Real-time tracking;
    • each project forum;
    • each project wiki;
    • Custom field entries, issues, shadow tigers, and projects;
    • Support multiple LDAP authentication;
    • Support multiple languages;
    • Use email to create a problem;
    • Support User custom registration;
    • Supports multiple databases.

Freedcamp is another heavyweight tool in the field of free project management, full-featured, easy-to-use and has a nice UI. So-called customers around the world over 30,000, the University of more than 30, should see?

Project Pier

ProjectPier is an open source project management program based on the Php+mysql architecture. Users can manage tasks, projects, and teams through the Projectpier Web interface. Projectpier supports multi-project and multi-team, it helps the team communicate and collaborate, and makes project management more transparent and simple through functions such as task Setup, Discussion edition, Milestone, and in-station information.

4. Achievo

Achievo is not as beautiful as freedcamp and collabtive, but this open source software has unique features, including reporting, CRM, HR management, and time planning. If Freedcamp and collabtive can't meet you, try this one.

10 Free and open source project management tools

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