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As we all know, the continuous development of the web development industry and the constant changes in demand have brought new demands and challenges to the developers. As far as the website is concerned, the user expects the content of the website to be more colorful, the page is more beautiful and can provide a good user experience. If the web developer has been stuck, it will eventually be eliminated.

Stand high see far, hope that the following 10 can help you in the development of this road to go further.

Set a good impression on

On any occasion, a good impression can often make a person remember deeply. As a developer, it is important to be true to yourself, but in the process of communicating with the customer, do not express unrealistic ideas or ask excessive requests, sometimes a bad impression will be lost a lot of orders even to your reputation and cause a lot of damage. Do not work with the mask!

Avoid hanging dead in a technology

Developers often say things like: "Be old, learn old." In reality, everyone likes to work with their favorite, accustomed technology, web developers, and many developers use the same technology, language, DB, and platform. As far as technology is concerned, complacency is not a good thing. A man cannot hang himself in a tree. As the beginning mentioned, as a developer should maintain an open mind to accept new things, explore new ways of working, do analogy. Do not be stubborn in a technical, this is not conducive to the development of personal career. Once you start learning and using new technology, you find that many new opportunities will come quietly.

Can talk

As the saying goes, "a word of three winter warm, Shing June cold". This does not mean that you have to speak good words, but the speech should pay attention to the occasion, but also pay attention to the object of speech. Web Development This job requires the developer to have some communication skills, and on many occasions, when you don't know how to express it, you can choose to answer it silently or cautiously, and it's wise to keep silent at the right time. For example, when a loyal customer has just been through a tough time, you can't ask for a higher profit. This time need to stand in their perspective to think, before opening the best content to think well! Also such as in the team communication, smooth expression of ideas and development ideas, will make the project more smoothly.

Participate in social events and conferences

As a web developer, you have to attend conferences and meetings that offer different opportunities to learn about new things or new industries, and also a good opportunity to learn about other developers. You can't alienate or stay away from fellow developers, which can make it hard for you to survive in the industry. You have to build and maintain a harmonious relationship with your competitors, and once the relationship develops well, you will find that there are many good sources or technical career recommendations, and they will be your right-hand man when they are unemployed or faced with problems. Developing this industry seems to have been very good, so in this healthy competitive environment, less social work will certainly affect and destroy your career.

Work and Life

If a relative or friend is about to launch an online business, it is clear that they will invite you back. In this case, it's best to say "no" because it's likely to get you into some bad situations or bring in some painful problems. You have to take the time to work for them without getting paid, and if the customer's work is affected, it also affects your paid work.

Perhaps saying "No" may affect the relationship, but it is important to make them aware of the difference between personal and professional support. If this project is interesting, you can follow it, but make sure you operate under strict guidelines and get some payback. Even if you only charge a low salary, they will feel that you are a very comprehensive professional technical person, in your field will also get a lot of work.

Not professional

The unprofessional performance will also affect the developer's career. Developers should maintain a professional attitude and avoid any form of unprofessional work. The customer does not like the unprofessional person, although you only then one mistake, but they may give up cooperates with you!

Don't lower your "worth."

It's normal for a beginner to get a lower price for a project, and I even see a lot of experienced programmers doing it. But I suggest it is best not to do so, even if you are more than eager to get it.

Please note that if the customer has been hiring you at a lower salary, you will have a low position in the customer's eyes. In order to be successful, I recommend that you do not accept pay and pay a disproportionate amount of the project, and sometimes the price will affect the developer's reputation in the market. In addition to these, it will affect the market, competitors may be at a lower price to win the project, it will make you more ugly. So don't put it down to accept a project.

Focus on the team

Good teamwork is also a shortcut to success. Everyone likes a friendly colleague, so it is very important to keep a friendly relationship with them. It's hard to keep working together if you're stuck with a label that doesn't work, even if it makes you lose your job.

Market Marketing

Can you imagine a web developer who doesn't have a Web site? That sounds strange, but it does exist. As a freelancer, if you really want to sell yourself successfully, then such a site will be help. Here are a number of ways to expand the business and marketing mix.

Lack of marketing strategy will certainly affect the developer's career and learning technologies. Developers can improve themselves through a number of platforms, such as writing articles on blogs, contributing to famous websites, and so on. With the development of social networking sites and online platforms, internet marketing is already cheap, and over time it is worthwhile to spend some money. You have to have a market before you can have a chance to succeed.


As a developer, you should understand why a customer hires you because he lacks the technology to achieve the desired business? So it's a well-deserved task to complete the customer's needs and explain some of the expertise. If you can not make customer satisfaction, it is likely to affect your career!


There are many successful ways to develop this job, but there are also stupid ideas that can make you feel doomed. As a developer, paying more attention to these areas mentioned above will help you in your career development.

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