10 questions on the topic design of the website of the electric dealer

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Article Description: share 10 questions about the special design of the website of the electric dealer.

A few days ago on the recent mall topic carried out a number of evaluations, discussed some common problems. Share with you.

1 entrance banner and thematic head to echo, should not be too large, can choose the same elements, background, and maintain visual continuity in order to meet the user's psychological expectations.

2 To avoid the use of copyright-related fonts, the main title, if necessary, to change the font deformation.

3 topic head Picture as far as possible control within 550px, in order to ensure that the first screen can show a part of the merchandise, otherwise users may be mistaken for the following no content. Tencent has just launched a "QQ Cyclone offline Download" topic (click to view) made such a mistake:

The project was done well from the creative to the implementation, but its first screen height was 644px, and it was almost impossible to find anything below the 1280x768 resolution. In addition in the first screen the most important exit "lightning join" does not also obvious, here I boldly predict: the conversion rate of this topic will be lower than the expected target. PS: Purely personal insights, Tencent students can take the data to take the brick ^ ^)

The 4 theme of the "money" related to the signal must be highlighted, such as: prices, discounts and so on.

5 in the same topic, the number of digits retained after the decimal point should be the same (for example, two digits after the decimal point), and the currency symbol should be used uniformly. In the state of the song, the currency symbol can not be displayed properly.

The number of digits after the decimal point is not uniform

6 Descriptive text does not make the button style, otherwise it will mislead the user clicks, increases the user frustration feeling. (That is, the full picture with hot zone, also does not recommend the button style.) )

7 Commodity Exhibitions

We notice that some of the items inside the arrangement of goods is very random, not according to a certain logic to arrange, which users quickly browse into the obstacles, if the user to browse to the bottom of the page, want to return to look for just the goods, it is more trouble. And the designer to communicate after found that some of the thematic needs in the submission of only a list of goods, no meticulous classification, there is no main push merchandise. This gives the designer a certain obsession, if this part of the work by the designer will not only prolong the design time, but also because the designer of the activity itself does not understand the composition class inaccurate or even wrong, thus affecting the activity effect. So designers meet the needs of the topic is not clear when the relevant staff should be timely communication, good communication is half the success.

In addition, if only part of the product has a lower discount or other excellent attributes, then you can make a label to help users quickly distinguish. Like this:


8 When a topic has multiple partitions, and the page exceeds 3 screens, you should add "category navigation" to the right (recommended in the middle of the screen) to facilitate quick browsing by the user.

9 "Buy" button

Should the buy button be placed on the list page? My understanding is: if it is FMCG, and the price is not high (like snacks, haberdashery) can add "buy"/"Put cart" button, clothing, digital and other users need to know more information products, to a "view details" export can (not necessarily a button).

In addition, if it is "limited, limited to buy" category of goods, also recommended to add the "Purchase" button.

Add other topics at the bottom of the entry (in order of relevance to the level), improve conversion rate.


Above opinion, you are welcome to pat Bricks.

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