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It is often heard that many people complain about the low quality of their accounts. There are many bidders say don't deliberately to pursue quality, in fact, the author is so to see. First account of the composite index high, your overall keyword quality will be very high, quality is required to pursue, but do not die. Die knock words you will be entangled, because Baidu for competition big word is intentionally reduce quality, so that he can more money, and quality directly affect your ranking, click Price, so in the technology can do Samsung's best to pursue bigger.

First, then the author to understand the importance of quality degree.

First of all have to know the price of Baidu bidding click Calculation formula

1, the keyword ranked in all the results of the last name, or the only one can show the promotion results, then click the price for the key words of the lowest display price

2, in other cases, each click Price = (Next bid x next one quality degree)/keyword quality +0. 01 Yuan.

It's not usually the first case, because you can imagine what traffic it can bring, or if it's a keyword that no one is bidding on, it's worth it. Unless you're the only one who's found a super lucrative industry or product. But the probability is very low, then the author through the second situation Analysis of auction ranking mechanism and price calculation formula, you can understand: when the quality is high, lower bid may also be ranked by the front. The formula may be so expressed that many people can not understand it.

I give an example. Take the author's industry to say, such as your bidding keyword is "China So-and-so the best hospital." Your quality is 2 stars, your competitor is Samsung, his search results are Baidu show first, you are second. Suppose you and he are the price is 5 yuan. Then his every click Price is 5*2/3+0. 01≈3. 34 Yuan, then the third place is also the quality of 2 star bid 4. 99 Yuan. Then your price per click is 4. 99*2/2+0. 01=5 Yuan. You can think of if it is gynecological abortion or infertility, male, such as the key words, the bid is 30 yuan or 60 yuan, the quality of the factors immediately reflected.

Follow the example just now. 60 Yuan Bid, the first click Price is 40. 01, and you are 60 yuan. If third place is Samsung, then you will spend more. So you burn the money every time you click. And it takes more money than the one in front of you.

So your quality is low and you want to get a good ranking. You have to spend more money than others to rank. People who know the rules can easily use this to make your bidding data meaningless. First he can raise the price and let you bid as high as he. Then he jumps to the second place and gives you a seat in the first place. Then you can think about it. Your price per click is at least twice times that of his. And the first bit of invalid Click data is relatively high. So you can imagine where your money is going.

second, how to improve the quality of the problem on

In setting up the Baidu account, no matter how to improve the quality, without affecting the conversion rate, even if it is a little bit of influence to try to improve the quality of the keyword. This is intended for future cost control.

So how to set the quality of the account? First of all Baidu is not going to tell you how to do it, because his aim is to earn your money, not to help you save money. Then the detail part needs to be perfected by itself. Do not listen too much to Baidu advice, that will make you endless spending. His advice is not to think that you have enough money to spend.

third, the structure of the new account to build

Just apply for the new Baidu account, the first step is in the draft line to conceive your account tree structure. The so-called tree structure is to promote the tree-pole promotion Unit is the branch of the key words are veins, creativity is the leaf surface, then a tree-like, how much money, value what price, it depends on what you sow the seed.

The tree pole is a kind of tree choice. You have to do what the industry to decide which word, wide on the line. The important thing is the branch, the extension unit is very important, which is one of the measurements of quality. Again is the keyword match degree, with the Unit keyword density.

Probably so many beginners can not understand. Then the author uses an example method to teach everybody, this is more easy to understand.

For example, you are a male division, then the first promotion plan is generally set brand words, your promotion plan is set up, So-and-so this so-and-so general is your own hospital name, such as Zhejiang male or Shandong male. Then there is the promotion Unit under the Promotion plan. Brand Promotion Unit is generally the name of the Hospital + Department, or regional Word + department, because the smallest area of Baidu is the province. Then the city's surrounding cities also need to compete on the need to set different geographical keywords. To cite an example, the author of the city of Wenzhou, simple next to the promotion of hospital brand promotion Unit settings.

is generally wenzhou * * Male, Wenzhou * * Male Division Hospital, * * Male Hospital, Wenzhou * *, District Male Hospital (* * Asterisk is the name of the hospital where you are) there are some people will ask, why Wenzhou * * Male and Wenzhou * * Male Hospital these two to separate 2 units, the author later said. The author first said the unit and then set the key words in Wenzhou * * Male unit under the key words should be wenzhou * * Male, Wenzhou * * Male division in, Wenzhou * * Male Division, Wenzhou * * Male Division, Wenzhou * * Male address and so on such words.

So your creative title under this unit can be set to: {Wenzhou * * Male division of Zhejiang Province Key Male Hospital another creative title is {Wenzhou * * Male Division} where? Wenzhou * * Male Division} How to then the account of the creative choice preferred match.

Creative 1 and Creative 2 of the description inside must add wildcards and your keywords other words on their respective play, is generally the promotion of your brand and your hospital authority, the best URL is directly connected to your panel of experts to the packaging page or your hospital's homepage are all right, show the address on your own set up, is generally the home address + Telephone.

So you can look back and see your tree structure forever around 4 words is wenzhou * * * OR is * * * Your overall account viscosity is very high, the account composite index is very high. The corresponding quality is also improved a lot. General one promotion plan down 95% is 3 star account.

Original Author: Ye Feng medical sem Group: 113435775 This article by the Ningxiaole and Ye Feng blog: www.ningyufei.com Push, reprint please specify the source!

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