10 Solutions for Epson printers that cannot be printed

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After you use a Windows program to print a document to a local printer, what do I do if the document doesn't print at all? below to Epson LQ-1600K (Epson Stylus Printer) As an example to teach you a few strokes, hoping to solve your urgent need.

First, bring the printer online.

If the printer is not online, you will not be able to print it.

Second, open the printer again.

If the printer is still online and you can't print the document, you can turn the printer back on, not only eliminating the printer memory, but also resolving a number of print failures.

Set the printer as the default printer.

The steps are as follows:

1. Click the Windows Start menu, point to Settings, click Printers, and open the Printers window.

2. Right-click the printer icon, the System pop-up shortcut menu, click "Set as Default".

Cancel suspend printing.

In the Printers window, right-click the printer icon that you are using, and then click to clear the check mark before the Pause printing option.

V. Make the free space on the hard disk not less than 10MB.

If the available hard disk space is less than 10MB, you must free more space systems to complete the print task. At this point, click the Disk Cleanup button, and then in the Files to delete list box, select the type of file you want to delete, and then click OK.

Increase the printer timeout setting.

To check or change the timeout setting, follow these steps:

1. In the Printers window, right-click the printer icon, and then click Properties.

2. Click the Details tab to increase the timeout settings under Timeout settings. The unselected item is the time that specifies window s waits for the printer to enter the online state, and an error message is displayed after the specified time.

Make sure to print to the appropriate local printer port.

The steps are as follows:

1. In the Printers window, right-click the printer icon, and then click Properties.

2. Click the Details tab, and in the print to the following port box, make sure the printer is set to the appropriate port. The most commonly used port is set to "LPT1" and the printer uses a USB port.

The output generated by the program is incorrect.

To determine whether the program generates the correct output, you can validate the method by printing the document through another program. We print the test document in Notepad as follows:

1. Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, click Notepad, and open the Notepad window.

2. Type a few lines of text, and then, on the File menu, click Print.

If you can print a test document, that is, you have problems with the program you used to print, please reinstall the program.

Nine, reinstall the printer driver.

Sometimes, the printer driver may be corrupted, causing an error that cannot print the document. We can reinstall the appropriate driver and then print it again.

1. In the Printers window, right-click the printer icon, click Delete, and then click Yes. If you are prompted to "delete private files for this printer," Click the Yes button. If you are prompted to remove the default printer, click the OK button.

2. In the Printers window, double-click the Add Printer icon, open the Add Printer Wizard, click the Next button, and then execute the screen instructions.

Make sure the port and printer cable are working properly.

After nine of these tasks, the following methods can help you to further identify the problem:

1. Whether the printer cable connection is reliable if your computer is connected directly to the printer, make sure that the cable connecting the computer and the printer is plugged in at both ends. If you are using a print switching device, first bypass the switch device, connect the printer directly to your computer, and then try to print.

2. The test port connection connects the printer to another available port, retries the print document, and indicates that the original port is damaged if it is able to print.

3. Test the printer cable for another printer cable, and then try to print the document again, if you can print the original cable is damaged.

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