10 useful website resources inspired by mobile UI designers, 10 useful website resources inspired by mobile UI designers

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Nowadays, people often use their mobile phones to access the Internet, so they can effectively run on various mobile devices.ProgramOr the development of new Web solutions on the page becomes extremely important.Due to the existence of various popular mobile devices, web designers need to regularly learn new developments in interface design.By using specific user interface design patterns, websites can run smoothly on mobile devices. When creating the design mode of a mobile phone, you must remember the design of the mobile device interface instead of the traditional web page. Because the mobile phone screen is smaller than the ordinary computer screen, the selected font should be suitable for the small screen. Information loading speed should be faster, and most importantly, you cannot use the same design theory for different mobile platforms because they have different screen sizes, different mobile browsers and different operating systems in short, we can say that the design of the mobile phone interface is not very easy.

For these reasons, the websites listed below can help you deal with interface design, user experience (UE), user-centric design (UID), website availability, and any such problems. Our goal is to provide a better user interface.


UI-patterns.com: Focus on iOS app design patterns library, the site offers a great design patterns. The UI Designer can be inspired to find some common mobile phone UI design patterns to solve common design problems for the designer. This website is a reference for the UI Designer's design pattern standards. If you are an iOS developer, believe this is a frequent place to go.




Konigi: This website highlights the perfect interaction design and visual design,It provides many different ways to use, browse, and find your preferred content on the website.It also provides popular keywords on the tab.It can be divided into three types: keywords, products, and companies.




Protected red UI: Excellent websites provide a wide library of mobile user interface design patterns. Here, you can see more than 1000 mobile app screens. In addition, you can get great design patterns, including checking the user interface and logon page.



Quince: X patterns Explorer: This is an amazing web application that helps you create user experience design patterns such as date selector and dual panel selector. However, this application requires the Silverlight plug-in and runs in Internet Explorer, but after testing, it can also be used in Firefox and Safari



Lovely UI: the lovely UI website provides buttons, lists, popovers, and other popular mobile apps and user interface elements. It is the website that designers should choose to interact.




Welie.com: This website is designed for interaction between Martijn van welie. He graduated from a doctor and is now a senior consultant at Philips for human-computer interaction design. The website provides a variety of design modes and various website tasks. The interaction design model library of welie.com provides a variety of interaction design models, including breadcrumb navigation, navigation labels, and comment boxes.



Mobile design pattern Gallery:It provides many special techniques to avoid using the uidesign Technology in the anti-pattern part. In addition, it provides good examples and is quite helpful for creating an effective design pattern. On Flickr, you can view these design patterns.



Pattern tap:Developed and maintained by Matthew Smith and Chris Pollock. This is a library that supports popular web-based user interface elements and design patterns, such as slides and bread.Pattern TapProvides materials related to webpage design, including players, backgrounds, borders, original codes, forms, diagrams, links, and navigation columns.The website has more than 7000 user groups and allows users to create their own groups. There are enough images to inspire you.



Design | snips:This design solution library contains key and popular web page elements such as navigation.In addition, it highlights popular design trends, such as grid layout.This website has more than 30 categories to find the design patterns you are looking


The UI pattern Factory: It is a user interface design library and library.The biggest advantage of the UI mode factory is that it allows youShare videos for each projectTo improve design issues and solutions. After each submission,Uipatternfactory.com records the corresponding example in the Flickr group.




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