10 ways to enhance the WiFi signal of millet router

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Although the millet router WiFi signal is not weak, but if the distance, and between the room and a number of wall, will be weakened WiFi wireless signal coverage. What about the millet router WiFi overlay? The following 10 WiFi enhancements for the millet router may help.

A. Set the restart time for the router

If you have to restart the router from time to time to prevent disconnection, then there is such a solution. You can do a few experiments to determine whether the machine is overheating, aging, or downloading too much, and then you just need to set the router to automatically reboot every day.

You can use DD-WRT firmware or timers. In this way, you don't have to reboot the router often (this is especially appropriate for a router in the attic).

After testing these tips, your home Wi-Fi can become faster, more stable, and more secure.

Two. Transform the old router into a Wi-Fi amplifier

If none of the above measures are used, you will need a wireless amplifier.

Buying one is not expensive, but if you don't want to add a device, you can use the old router plus the DD-WRT firmware to transform it into a Wi-Fi amplifier. Although the amplifier sends a slightly lower signal speed, it will at least increase the size of the signal and cost less.

 Three. Modify, enhance the router signal

Another good way to add a signal cover area is to install the DD-WRT firmware, which will not only achieve a series of great security and other additional functions, but also enhance the signal transmission. While there may be some risks for routers, some routers can work safely under 70mW, and you can enjoy wireless networks farther away.

Figure for Millet WiFi amplifier (significantly enhanced router WiFi signal)

In addition, millet recently introduced a millet WiFi amplifier, can effectively help the millet router to enhance the signal coverage, if you want to improve the perfect millet router WiFi signal, buy a millet WiFi amplifier, no doubt the most labor-saving.

 Four. DIY Add Wi-Fi coverage area

If your router does not cover a far-away location, you can DIY and add the coverage area of the wireless signal. The most popular DIY trick is to use foil, aluminum cans or stainless steel filter pots to enhance the signal.

Although the effect is not too big, but at least not too much effort to add a little signal coverage area.

Five. Controlling the bandwidth-occupying program

If there are people in the house who use video chat, play online games, download files, and perhaps use Netflix software, they may be consuming a lot of bandwidth, causing others to slow down the network. However, you can use QoS (Quality of service, quality of services) to ensure bandwidth.

With QoS, you can prioritize programs, such as setting video chat to take precedence over online games, so that priority programs can meet the required bandwidth.

Six. Enhance wireless security

Even if the router set the password, it is easy to crack. It's easy to figure out who's stealing your Wi-Fi, but the best way to do that is to enhance the security function and block them completely. Using the WPA password is required, but this combination is easy to crack, so it is recommended to learn more about maintaining network security skills.

Seven. Closure of other disturbed equipment

Not only do other wireless routers interfere, but radio telephones, microwaves and other household appliances can also disturb the signal. You can use a dual-band millet router to handle this problem, and you can also use other bands of cordless telephones. If you do not want to add anything, you can also move the wireless router to the distance to interfere with the electrical remote location.

Eight. Find the right wireless channel

If you have a neighborhood, their wireless router may be bothering you, causing the signal to become worse. A wireless router can pass through several channel operations, and you should tune it to a channel that is least disturbed.

You can use Wi-Fi scanners such as Wi-Fi stumbler or Wi-Fi Analyzer to find the best channel in the room.

Nine. Place the router in the best position

The router is ugly, but don't always hide behind the TV cabinet. If you want the strongest signal, it's best to place it in an empty space that is not blocked by walls or obstacles. The antenna should be straight, and the higher it is, the better (one reader finds that the router's signal is the best after it is placed in his attic).

Ultimately, it is only in the center of the room that the quality Wi-Fi signal can be fully covered in every corner of the home.

10. Using the latest Wi-Fi technology

One way to ensure high-speed network flow is to use the latest firmware. You know, in the WLAN protocol, 802.11n is significantly faster than 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g.

However, it must be noted that if you want to improve speed, you must be equipped with 802.11N network card and wireless router.

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