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Dangerous Mode 1: extreme lack of physical exercise
Of the 932 respondents, only 96 had a regular workout every week, and 68% chose "almost no exercise". This is very easy to cause fatigue, swoon and other phenomena, triggering obesity and cardio-cerebrovascular diseases.

Dangerous mode 2: ill not seeking medical treatment
According to the survey, nearly half of the people who buy their own medicine when they are sick are 1/3 who ignore any superficial "minor problems". Many workers in the work of the disease is delayed, missed the best treatment time, some diseases by the surface of the drug to reduce the effect of the accumulation of large disease.

Dangerous mode 3: lack of active physical examination
Of the 932 people, 219 never had a physical examination.

Dangerous Way 4: Don't eat breakfast
As the pace of work accelerates, eating breakfast that meets the nutritional requirements has become a luxury for office workers. Only 219 of those surveyed had a regular breakfast in accordance with the nutritional requirements. It's a common phenomenon to not eat breakfast or to plug in a few bites.

Danger Mode 5: lack of communication with family
More than 41% of office people rarely communicate with their families, and even if their family members are actively concerned, 32% of them often take a coping attitude. In the absence of communication, guidance and catharsis of the situation, the Office crowd the spirit of increasing.

Dangerous mode 6: long time in the air conditioning environment
At work, more than 70% of the people in the year, except out of office, almost year-round nest in air-conditioned rooms. "Greenhouse people" of their own body regulation and resistance to disease ability decline.

Dangerous Mode 7: often sit still
Of the respondents, 542 of the working habits are once sitting down, unless the toilet, it is easy not to stand up. Sedentary, not conducive to blood circulation, will cause a lot of metabolic and cardiovascular disease.

Dangerous mode 8: no guarantee of sleep time
More than 60% people often do not guarantee 8 hours of sleep, and another 7% often suffer from insomnia.

Dangerous Mode 9: The face of the computer too long
31% of people often use computers for more than 8 hours a day. Excessive use and reliance on computers, in addition to radiation, but also make eye disease, cervical spondylosis, mental illness in the office of the Community is very common.

Dangerous mode 10: No regularity in eating meals
More than 1/3 of people are not guaranteed to eat all meals on time, making sure that the regular ration of meals is less than half the people.

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