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As the internet expands, more and more websites provide very similar information when searching for information. So, webmasters will find that the user's patience has been significantly reduced: most readers from the search engine results page into a certain page, quickly browsing (maybe only a few seconds, not to mention the point of ad time) , then left, and then heard, jumped out rate of 100%. This phenomenon for some often cited or copied the authoritative website of the blog or collection station is particularly obvious, in fact, users judge whether a strange site is worth spending time to stay have their own point of view, and retain the key to see how the webmaster to grasp the user's psychology and whether the entire site to make corresponding effective adjustments. Below, the author on 10 Aspects of how to guide users to stay on the site a little more time and how to effectively reduce the bounce rate:


1. Site to have a reasonable and clear web layout and meet the public aesthetic appearance of the site

Webmasters should know that only when your site has a good, will not cause the reader to dislike the appearance, the reader will be interested in a closer look at the content of the site. Usually the first impression of a website tells the user the general location of the site:

Like NetEase, Sina such portal station is certainly a large number of hyperlinks and dense typesetting, and a fresh clean page is likely to belong to a personal blog.

So, if your site layout and appearance is not a lot of flaws, should be combined with the location of their own site to design carefully, the purpose is to create a suitable and comfortable reading environment for readers, so that readers will be happy to remember your site, and will come back later (so, timely and reasonable in the site necessary position on the subscription, Share the button to create more conditions for readers to visit!

2. Make good use of navigation bar

The navigation bar attracts most of the user's attention compared to other parts of the site. So a clear, structured navigation bar is one of the essential elements to guide readers to other pages.

If you want to attract readers to more pages, don't play some sort of hide-and-seek navigation bar or pursue some kind of non-mainstream effect, which will only confuse the reader. I often in some friends of QQ space suddenly do not know where to go, mainly because the navigation bar is too difficult for the owner of the room is too hard to find! Such a navigation bar like the one below will only leave the reader lost and lose interest in leaving the site.


(This navigation bar you know how to find the message board?)

Therefore, it is recommended that the webmaster to optimize their site's navigation bar, so that its structure is clear, easy to identify, whether it is vertical navigation or horizontal navigation. If you are using a jquery or javascripts navigation bar, the webmaster should first make sure that the navigation is compatible with different browsers.

3. Add a list of relevant articles of interest to the reader

Since readers enter a site mostly to seek some kind of information, it is possible to provide a list of articles related to articles at the end of the article or on one side of the page to attract users to continue reading and reduce the bounce rate. WordPress and other mainstream CMS have related articles plug-ins or modules, the webmaster should be on the side of the page or the end of the article to use them.

4. Write an article of interest to the reader instead of copying it blindly

A site that only collects other content and does not have original content is difficult to retain users, just imagine now we search all kinds of information on Baidu, the overwhelming number of repeated information is rarely repeated to view, even if the user clicks into the content will find nothing new and walk away. However, this is obviously not what our webmaster expected. Webmaster should strive to write a key word more valuable things out, to provide readers with different information to do a reference to reflect the value of the article. Remember: Select All + Copy and paste a web page = "Copy", and the selective filtering of information from everywhere is "research".

5. Reasonable optimization of the article keyword to avoid causing user aversion

Seoer suggested that everyone to create articles for each keyword, so in order to provide users with a good reading experience, for the writing of an article, will be a reasonable allocation of keywords, to avoid piling up to affect the readability of the article is very necessary.

For example, we want to optimize the term of the registered company, we can consider different paragraphs in the text mentioned "Jinan registered company", Shanghai Company registration, how to register companies in Jinan. These phrases can further enhance the optimization of the main keyword.

But be sure to ensure the consistency and readability of the article, High-quality Soft Wen are in the reader inadvertently completed the promotion, if the optimization traces are too obvious, ultimately bring only the loss of readers.

6. Ensure the relevance of keywords and articles

High jump rate usually because the reader found that the content of the Web page is not what they want to find, but more often is the key words and articles of relevance is not good, or even the wrong key to the error setting causes the reader to quickly leave. For example, the title of the article is the "Top ten free virtual space", but the main keyword set for foreign virtual host or virtual space and other words, this will make some of the free space is not cold readers delayed in, resulting in high bounce rate.

7. Reduce the page in the article

The presence of pages in the article gives readers the opportunity to be distracted, according to statistics, users will lose patience after turning 1-2 pages. So avoid using excessive paging as much as possible.


Note: The article in the page refers to an article is too long, need to be divided into several pages to display, not to refer to the column under the page.

8. Try to use PPC (Baidu bidding rankings, Google AdWords, etc.) to match high-quality Target customers

PPC is a means to pay search engines for rankings, but it is also a way to get efficient and high quality traffic quickly. Users who are attracted by PPC are often matched by search engines, so users who click on paid links may be particularly interested in the content of the site and will stay for a long time, so they can effectively reduce the bounce rate.

Of course, if the use of PPC is not good, then the bidding rankings and other measures are likely to evolve into a burning money activities. So need to have relevant experience webmaster to operate the best, set a good target keyword, let more target customers see their site is PPC key.

9. Minimize the distraction of page elements

For example, the webmaster should consider can not use the window, because the window will interrupt reading, lead the reader to other sites, the same do not use the mouse to follow, floating ads and other forms of code, which will only make readers disgusted.

10. To ensure that the site loading time within an acceptable range

Most readers will not wait for an unfamiliar site to load for more than 10 seconds, so if your site is often slow to load, you should change the server in time or optimize the page.

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