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There are a variety of English phrases that appear when a problem occurs at post, which contains very important information, which can be used to solve some small problems on your own, but these English puzzles some of the friends, the following is some common BIOS interpretation, you can refer to.

1.CMOS Battery failed

Chinese: CMOS battery fails.

Explanation: This means that the CMOS battery is running out of power, just replace the new battery.

2.CMOS Check sum error-defaults loaded

Chinese: CMOS performs a full check and finds an error to load the system defaults.

Explanation: Generally speaking, it says that the battery is running out of power, you can change the battery to try, if the problem is not resolved, then that the CMOS ram may have problems, if not a year to the dealer place to change a motherboard, after a year to let the dealer back to the manufacturer to repair it!

3.Press ESC to skip memory test

Chinese: A memory check is in progress and you can skip by pressing the ESC key.

Explanation: This is because there is no skip memory in the CMOS 第二、三、四次 test, the boot will perform four memory test, of course, you can also press the ESC key to end the memory check, but every time this is too cumbersome, you can enter the COMs settings after the BIOS selection featurs SETUP, set the quick power on Self test to Enabled, save and reboot.

4.Keyboard Error or no keyboard present

Chinese: keyboard error or no keyboard.

Explanation: Check to see if the keyboard connection is loose or damaged.

5.Hard Disk install failure

Chinese: Hard drive installation failed.

Explanation: This is because the hard drive's power or data cable may not be plugged in or the hard disk jumper is improperly set. You can check the root of the hard drive is plugged in, to see the same data line on the two hard disk jumper settings are the same, if the same, as long as the two hard drive jumper set to the same (one set to master, the other set to slave).

6.Secondary slave hard Fail

Chinese: Detect failed from disk.

Explanation: May be CMOs improper settings, such as not from the disk but set in the CMOS from the disk, then there will be errors, then you can enter the COMs settings select IDE HDD auto detection for hard drive automatic detection. It may also be the hard drive's power cable, the data cable may not be connected or the hard disk jumper settings, the solution to refer to the 5th.

7.Floppy disk (s) fail or floppy disk (s) fail (80) or floppy disk (s) fail (?)

Chinese: Unable to drive the floppy disk drive.   (tutorial)

explains: System prompts can not find the floppy drive, to see whether the floppy drive power cord and data cable is loose or wrong, or to the floppy drive on another machine to try, if these are not, then have to buy another, fortunately the floppy drive is not expensive.

8.Hard disk (s) diagnosis fail

Chinese: An error occurred while performing a hard drive diagnostics.

Explanation: This problem generally means that the hard disk itself has failed, you can put the hard drive on another machine to try, if the problem is not resolved, can only go to repair.

9.Memory test fail

Chinese: memory detection failed.

Explanation: Reseat the memory bar to see if it can be resolved, this problem is generally because the memory is incompatible with each other, to change a bar!

10.Override enable-defaults loaded

Chinese: The current CMOS settings cannot boot the system, loading the preset in the BIOS to boot the system.

Explanation: Generally the setting in COMs error, as long as enter the COMs settings select Load Setup defaults load the original set of values and then reboot.

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