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1. MySQL Format Date

MySQL Format Date helps you to better use the MySQL date_format function. Just select the common date format and change it to suit your needs. The MySQL date_format code will be generated at the bottom of the page, and you can copy the query directly.

Click to visit: http://www.mysqlformatdate.com

2. Script SRC

As a web developer, is it a hassle to open a site every day to see the latest version of JavaScript frames and libraries? Scriptsrc.net brings together the latest versions of all the frames and libraries, presenting them as separate pages, with a single click to copy the reference path to the seed file.

Click to visit: http://scriptsrc.net

3, Em Chart

I don't like the EM units in CSS files, but sometimes I have to face them. In this case, EM Chart converts EM units to pixel values, saving you time and trouble.

Click to visit: Http://aloestudios.com/tools/emchart

4, Twitter API Explorer

If you use the Twitter API in your application, you'll definitely like Twitter API Explorer. This site is convenient for you to search through the Twitter API. Even better, the site can generate snippets of code that can be used directly. Instant Generate instant Capture!

Click to visit: Http://twitapi.com/explore

5, Browser Sandbox

Cross-browser compatibility must be a big problem for WEB developers in their day-to-day work. Browser Sandbox allows any Windows browser to run on the network. The only disadvantage is that you must be running Windows system: The application does not support MAC and Linux operating systems.

Click to visit: http://spoon.net/browsers

6, PHP Forms

Web Forms are an important part of web sites, but they can also be time-consuming to create. So is there a tool for free quick form generation? PHP forms allows you to create scalable forms that apply to most web site requirements.

Click to visit: http://www.phpform.org

7. htaccess Editor

. htaccess files are a must for websites, especially WordPress blogs. Don't know how to write? No problem, as long as you visit this site, you can create a. htaccess file by using the wizard. Maybe it's not very perfect, but it basically satisfies most of the needs.

Click to visit: http://www.htaccesseditor.com/en.shtml

8, Smush it!

Pictures can be more than words, but they also occupy a lot of bandwidth. Images can be optimized through Photoshop and other processing software to meet Web site usage. But if you don't have these bloated desktop apps, you're not at your wits ' end, smush.it can completely satisfy you. smush.it, an online image optimization tool developed by Yahoo Developer Network, can effectively reduce image size without reducing its quality. For WordPress users, more convenient and powerful wp-smush.it plug-ins can be used.

Click to visit: http://developer.yahoo.com/yslow/smushit/
Online upload version: http://www.mangguo.org/smush-it-hidden-online-image-optimizer/

9, CSS Compressor

Especially in sites with many different page layouts, CSS files are often very large, consuming a lot of server bandwidth. This compression tool, called CSS compressor, can reduce the size of CSS files by removing unnecessary bytes, such as annotations, whitespace, and so on. Even better, the compression level can be configured to suit your needs.

Click to visit: http://www.csscompressor.com

10. Test Everything

This site is a must-have bookmark: As its name requires, everything can be tested with it, such as XHTML and CSS tags, PageRank, backlinks, and more test content.

Click to visit: http://tester.jonasjohn.de

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