10 years North Drift

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   2005 August with seven other small partners to study Beijing Beida Jade Bird Network engineer. Started working in Beijing in 2006, In the blink of an eye is ten years. The little friends who came to Beijing together left me and Rui Qing two people. The only thing we can do is to keep the line. The tune of the routing device is ten years what kind of a persistence and perseverance Ah, Rui Qing good!    Although I did not always insist on network engineering, but at least also in the IT line, just from the system maintenance into software development. Talking about why just started to engage in network software, is because the software development is too much brain, need arithmetic ability especially strong, and I a liberal arts students, write writing can also write understand what meaning, all day count 1 + 2 to 100 is a bit too big. This is a misunderstanding, it is not a delay, the whole understanding of software development before the whole understanding of how the software is running is also essential. Of course, this is another aspect I can not become a genius programmer, so the brain of the matter or let the ability of the people to do it, we have a little bit, Write software full system, to ensure that their own and service of the small partners can be normal use on the line .     looking back on this decade, the network does not say, in the school in the distance learning, there is a general outline, and later in the actual work, only to apply, it is often "Oh, That's what happened. "Talk about my experience of software learning." First easy language, this cow B's Chinese programming taught the program is how to write, how to check the information, how to write logic, so I understand, oh, the original program is this look, it will be in the autumn of 06, when still using Windows, Thanks to the easy language to improve my work efficiency! Later on to the Linux server maintenance, so the bash script became an essential companion, that was 07 years, and then later to write Perl, because of the mail system maintenance, the mail package comes with a Perl interpreter, So do not worry about writing Perl script does not run the environment, saying I was the technical support, the best service, when it was 08 years, and then later on to write PHP, of course, pure PHP, when PHP just pop, estimated that I was the first batch of operations with PHP. Then the role of OPS is also involved in simple development work , such as the background to send users to register mail, and then was 09 years, and then 10 years later, IPhone4 changed everything, completely changed my life trajectory. have been writing some simple things like programming, this time is really write software, once again thank amid Lord! And then 13 years later, Nodejs rushed to the line of sight, the main is to do the Apple push service when the single-threaded PHP can not improve the efficiency of the issue. So with Nodejs wrote a backstage service, you also don't say to use node after, waist not sour, leg does not ache, script also not cramp, aisle also Mulligan, the elevator can take a breath to the 19 floor, and then 15 years later, the chance to do a Web page, this time, not only PHP, but also write HTML to write CSS JS, the words have always been, CSS and JS I have been detour, and finally wrote a tourbillon after the JS, especially in Chunlong pointing, feeling , uh, getting started. As for the HTML and css,15 years to do too much of the report, daily, people send nickname big "cousin"; end of 15 again with node to do a concurrency, feel efficiency and memory use and improve space, and then find a solution when everyone is go is for distribution, try, hey, Feel really worthy of our face, so the spring festival days before the holiday, live not tight, and work hard to learn a bit of golang. I feel like, hey, this thing is awesome, you can develop Linux applications on OSX, and you can build Windows packages. Prepare for 16 years of deep learning go.      Well, let's review the language experience: Easy language, Bash,perl,php,node,html,css,js,go. The pro said: Other such as Ruby,python,lua and other artifacts have not learned, honestly learned, All are to broaden the knowledge of the mentality of learning, but have not learned, so simply say is: No. Here is the true meaning of language learning: learn and use. Everything must be used repeatedly in order to be familiar with .     Let's talk about the experience of language learning in the 15. Remember that the beginning of the end of 14 began to use a large number of node,15, first used node to write a push center service, and then integrated into the Socket.io based real-time communication. At the same time with node has done a few gadgets, e-mail, texting , API anomaly detection, network data capture. In particular, the network to crawl this piece, with cheerio analysis of web data that is a cool, remember when Python grabbed the daily interest rate of the Shanghai industry, there is always a data anomaly can not get out, changed node world immediately clean. (in particular, Cheerio's syntax and jquery, for the later use of jquery to make a Web page lay the foundation) and then with node wrote a socket service side, feeling suddenly thinking big open, with node do the service side, Write again iOS and the web when the client that feels good ah. Although the use of very cool, development is also very fast, but with node to write long-standing in the background of the program is still very good. Socket.io-based service runs for a period of time after a sudden memory soar to 1.6G, which is memory can not release the symptoms, not easy to use, Restart after all normal, due to the cause of energy, has not been resolved, and then left, no maintenance is a small regret. 15 participated in a node's offline gatheringMeeting, the share also mentioned this problem, also gives the common solution and the development suggestion. At the end of 15, a year later, think back to the project, I feel that it is really very tender, JS's closure did not understand the case on the start of a large project, is a bold skill. If time and energy allow, I believe that I can also use the opportunity to solve the problem of the closure thoroughly understand .     continue to 15 years of learning experience, followed by node to do some log analysis tools, In particular, based on WebKit to do a line code rsync to the server Deployment tool, is a further understanding of JS. In fact, as a maintenance personnel, has been released after the code is directly synchronized with rsync to the online server, But one of the weaknesses is that it's always all in sync. Always thinking how do you synchronize only the specified files? rsync is supported to synchronize the specified files, but how to make an interface, you can list all the files in a directory, you can manually select one or more files to sync, Can be synchronized to one or more servers at the same time, there is no good idea. With node, with WebKit, and jquery finally the idea landed!!! At the beginning, only one layer of the directory open, find the files to be synchronized, if you want to synchronize the files in more than one directory or more scratching your heads, and then add can list n hours of modified files, suddenly convenient more; it took a while to find that git would change the file to the same time if it switched branches. In this case only a few hours to list the modified files a little bit of a chicken, so simply add a list of git uncommitted files, but also a lot more convenient. This tool is very handy, the only disadvantage is that although node and WebKit are cross-platform, but because of the use of the system's rsync command, So this tool obviously does not have to use the small partner which is still in the windows, fortunately around the small companion uses the Windows not much. With this release of the gadget, jquery is also a further mastery, so contact with more web development of the East: Write HTML page, Css,js , drawing the curve of the process, the most experience is that the code to write a sentence, want any small effect to heap a heap of code, this feeling and do iOS development is completely different. This period of time is to do, intentions to do, intentions of the experience, there is no trickery can speak. In addition to the Ken work, more important is someone pointing, This period of time professional to do front-end six or seven years of Chunlong has been patient guidance for two or three hours, feeling a lot of income. This time did a lot of table, first do the web, after doing more, every day to send the report mail, finally literally picked "cousin" title .      later took part in a few Ali's buddies organization of NoDe Line party, feel the harvest is very big, the biggest feeling is that I am still playing a single game, many of the first body has evolved to the cloud. Suddenly the brain hole big open, especially listened to the group of friends to share the PM2.5, back after a half-day run up, although eventually feel no use, but the PM2 used up, It also began to focus on program operation, especially the use of memory and CPU. Because PM2 can only show real-time usage, and I want to know the health of the program every day, what to do? Write a collection of things, and then wrote a timed run node thrown into the PM2, Collect the resource usage of PM2 in every five seconds and then throw it into the influxdb, and then use Grafana to show it, especially in the process of writing this collection of applications, using the memory of node, Closures are once again having a deeper understanding. Later need to pull a large number of database from a store in the home library, the script is written in PHP, but because of the PHP memory recovery mechanism problem, directly with PHP running, always memory is tight, or is the problem of pull speed, finally decided to separate multiple threads with node , different threads call PHP-FPM to execute the PHP script and then go to pull. You don't say that the first time to write multi-threaded scheduling with node, and quickly write out, there is no memory of the problem of a lot of time to write a node for their own more than a review .     Write node multi-threaded time to check the data said go is for the distributed and the situation, after the work of the case, contact a bit, ah, this is really to force it. In particular, are doing awstats log analysis, initialization of data, a few months to analyze the data of several sites, run up really tired ah, So with go packaging, using all the CPU, feel directly heard the fan of the crazy transfer, analysis speed than a single execution to quickly do not know how much! It's a bit brief encounter, you know, a few days ago just compiled a lnmp, that call a slow ah, two or three hours of time!!!      Wow, the job is so much, talk about life. This year small treasures healthy growth, seemingly on the fall of the time a cold, runny nose for several days, the state is not good, other time has been unlimited energy? Jumping and bouncing all day. From the beginning of the non-assembly aisle to now every day to the full room to run no more than 30 times, from the beginning of the year will only call Dad to the present father and mother grandparents, although relatively stupid, sometimes said car car, sister, brother, was, but will speak good, as to say more, not anxious, slowly; Now my son will play hide-and-seek with me, I said: Son you can not find me. Then the son began to look in the house, after the door, after the curtains, look for each room. Every time I find a happy half-day, my son seems to like dancing, and he often dances on the rhythm of his TV. Especially dJ Kind of rhythm is very strong music, people can listen to the rhythm of the dance come out; 15 A large quantity of money to the son bought two milk powder, a two rounds before and after the car, one sent a child piano. The car is now the favorite toys, every day to push back and forth to run a few laps, piano words play less, play words, Also two small hands, a random pat, yesterday gave his son to buy a remote control car, the above is three years old after the children will play, bought after the son although very like but really do not operate, understand before and after, estimated to play a period of time will be, because he likes cars, often see the road back and forth of the car pointing to say "Baa Baa In addition to the car, son also special like dog, have a fluffy small white dog, also have an electric puppy, still remember that electric puppy just bought when, walk while sing, son excited chase it, jump again, well, can bo son a smile, how much money is worth; now the son likes to execute some simple instructions " To throw this to the trash, "put Daddy's slippers on the Shoe rack", "Go get Dad's cell phone" and so on, will be happy to interact with you look like; When the New year, son a year old 11 months, finally to the son at the table arranged a seat, the little one can use a spoon, chopsticks also need to practice, son refueling     15 year daughter-in-law son back to Beijing, learned a driver's license, congratulations daughter-in-law has become a person! The goal of having a car is a step further. After the daughter-in-law son to work, belong to the collection department every day to give a lot of people call, contact all kinds of people, good hard, Daughter-in-law son refueling!    15 mother followed back to Beijing, became the son of the full-time nanny, 24 hours a day inseparable, in addition to serve the son of all to our cooking, clean up the house, washing clothes. The basic mother spends every day in the kitchen, cooking, Wash the dishes. I want to wash the work of the bowl, but my mother insisted, robbed three or four times, my mother said I work too hard, do not let me do this trivial things, and finally by the mother's mind. Hey, there are always those words floating on the heart: Life is Yanglijuan, If you feel comfortable with your life, it is because there is a person in the silent shelter for you. Mom, you've been working hard!!!      Dad was left behind in the home, years ago to take over, on the one hand to make a point of rural life, on the other hand to help my sister with children. Father had to drink once big wine, lived a week of hospital, fortunately near misses, hey, can't control mouth, sin himself received, Fortunately came to Beijing one months to drink wine, smoked cigarettes, people on the age, safe, no disease and no disaster is blessing, hope parents and mother-in-law are healthy health of the comfort of the old age .     I also adjusted the weight of the year, from 79kg adjusted to 73kg, Remember to exercise every day to lose weight every day to tell yourself, "this winter, aFixed tube mouth, control good weight ", the result is still an empty talk, now body weight did not return to 79, also almost 76, restored half, said it is easy to do it difficult, if really say want to do what on the dry, not too no challenge? No hurry, wait for the spring to fight again! This year will weigh up to 70kg. Say plump on the record last year ran 153.82km, fight for this year to go to 300km. On the other hand, I now can stabilize the belly of the 50 to do the most time have to do 60, which in the years before the time is a can not do. Now the tablet lasts for two minutes, This year the two goals are: 65, 3 minutes     15 years, the waves, the church of my Chen Jia Gou taijiquan Small Taiji, 15 simple, winter a cold also no longer practice, ready to run after the spring to continue to pick up. Out of concern, The waves understand my situation, I feel that I am the pillar of the family, need to focus on protection, the proposal to buy an insurance, although I do not agree to spend this kind of money to buy rest assured, but physical exercise or to strengthen, to their own responsibility is to the family responsible.     2016 year full of hope , more expectations, I believe it will be more exciting!

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10 years North Drift

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