100,000 IP novel station encounters the Cause and consequences of DDoS attack

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Introduce myself first, and then, 07 began to do webmaster, day work night to do the site, outside the chain, black chain, station group, what all have been done, at the same time operating 20 sites, is a number of garbage stations, Amoy passenger station, novel stations, film stations have been done, mostly unknown.

12 Spring Festival, has been at the beginning of the day to see the silkworm potatoes, the martial movement of the universe, in order to see the latest chapters, the nature is to buy a VIP, not expensive, just feel a little wasteful, read it again useless, and thus built a martial arts novel station, update the latest chapters, and then toss up a year, no improvement, Not to Baidu home page, there is no flow, but itself just do the site, so do not expect what the future.

At the end of last year, Baidu adjusted the algorithm to combat the sale of links to the site, at that time the price of the link to a straight slide, anyway, the site does not have any traffic, so holding a try to buy some of the link, early no effect, to the Spring Festival in 2013, the site traffic suddenly rise, looked at the ranking, "Wu Move the Universe" This word incredibly to the Baidu home page, so in the article inserted links, many sites to collect, get a lot of outside the chain.

By March, the site incredibly to the second home page Baidu, although only persisted for three days, immediately fell to the fifth, but those days every day has 100,000 IP, at that time cut a map (with the plug-in of shielding ads, so no promotional links).

The website traffic is big, some people envy is inevitable, thus met the formidable DDoS attack.

Because every night will update the novel, once opened the website backstage, incredibly after 10 seconds has not opened, aware of the problem of the site, direct contact space business, space business is foreign host agent, also calculate to force, midnight also online, looked at the situation, said is DDoS attack, the site is too large, have limited. Because do not know the specific attack quantity is how much, had to let the space merchant help solve the problem.

The continuous toss for 35 days, the space trader cannot withstand, the original bandwidth is not enough, also encounter DDoS attack, the space merchant intends to refund.

I also in the Baidu Webmaster platform looked at, the site included a straight slide, ranking is a direct fall of the seventh place. Baidu spider like the early hours, and attack happens to be the early morning, so that spiders do not return, so included, snapshots, ranking directly down.

After, in Baidu Webmaster platform home to see a website called Accelerated music, before probably heard of this site, just then the site did not attack, also useless, since Baidu Webmaster platform recommended, then the product should be good. Domain name before the record number, has not been canceled, although the use of foreign host, can still use the accelerated music. Registered account to add domain name, contact online customer service audit, a few minutes into effect.

Opened the Web site, speed does have a hint, after all, nodes are in the country, and the site is mostly static, so the acceleration effect is good.

That night, when it was almost 23 o ' Day, the site again appeared cotton, but only lasted a few minutes, the site has returned to normal, to look backstage, prompted a cc attack, look at the IP report, you can see the details of the IP report, including IP geographic information and in the search engine situation, Attacks are tens of thousands of times per minute, and there seems to be a lot of attacks.

Read a lot of IP, most of the IP did not have any information, may be the use of proxy attacks, there is an IP actually have information, in a forum posted, there is a QQ, read the next QQ information, is generally said that the integrity of cooperation, not limited to CC, is it a special attack on the site of the people?

Try to hold the mentality of adding QQ, roughly ask the situation, say oneself want to find someone cc website, give is own URL, the other party admits is oneself in attack the website, and someone gave 1500 yuan, continuous cc one weeks; then asked the money of the situation, the other side said can not disclose customer information, integrity cooperation.

Continue to ask now to attack this site, about how much money, the other side to look at the firewall situation, test, just know how much money, after a few minutes, the Web site has a firewall, the original IP also changed, bad, but as long as the money, can, once 500 yuan, to ensure that downtime five hours or more.

See here, the situation is generally clear, the peer to see their own site rankings very well, so that someone cc, as long as the search engine can not be very well included in the site, then the ranking will naturally come down, regardless of the chain, included how good.

As to how later, the site has been used to accelerate the music, there is no big attack, but also relatively stable; Unfortunately, the site rankings have been to the end of the home page, traffic dropped significantly, naturally no competitor willing to spend money attack; Then, Baidu Green Luo algorithm effective, really effective, the content of the same site, most of the K, including my site, leaving a few inexplicable sites in front.

Do the site, stability, the most important, stable site will have a good user experience, will be the search engine recognition, will have more traffic. In addition, novel stations, film stations, such as traffic stations, fierce competition, more malicious attacks, to prepare ahead of time.

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