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The famous interior Design Master Charles Eames once said, "the details are not just about themselves, they also constitute the design." "Indeed, every Web page is made up of countless details, and the content is also organized together by these details." Whether it's a Web site for information Services or an official web page for apps, any excellent site can withstand a critical baptism, from pictures to layouts, from fonts to architecture.

The details of web design are critical because they make a good impression on the user, and these details support the good experience of the site and improve ease of use. As Eames said, they have achieved the design, without paying attention to the details will make the design feel lost.

Next, let's take a look at the 11 stunning design sites. Their good design stems from the details, some elegant interface, and some interactive. Dig into these cases and perhaps your next Web design will be very powerful.

The SPEED of Basecamp ' S PASSWORD verification

Basecamp is a web based project management tool. As with its introduction, speed and efficiency are essential.

This is the site's verification interface, the designer cleverly hidden the confirmation button, only when you enter the correct verification code, the OK button will appear. Such measures not only improve the performance of the site, but also by making the button from scratch, the "Correct verification Code" concept is present, touch the user, increase the sense of achievement.

Colophon practiced by Neoteric

In Europe, the use of colophons (Tiba) can be traced back to 15th century (much earlier in China), but the site was designed to be used on the site. This time, neoteric design shared their site's production notes-the functions of various parts, from font software to programming languages and content management systems. If a visitor wants to know how a site is built, this Tiba note can help users quickly understand the site's construction process and satisfy their curiosity.

Versatile typographic GRID by BERGER & Föhr

Massimo Vignelli, a pioneer designer who died in May 2014, once said that the grid of typography was "the underwear of books". In fact, this derivation, grid system is also not "web underwear" It? also formally its existence, let the website tidy and clean.

The "underwear" role of the grid system is so distinct when Berger & Föhr is redesigning the website for the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. When you browse the Web, the images, paragraphs, and edges of the navigation are dimly visible on the grid, and you will be able to feel the power of alignment here. More importantly, even when the site responds to the screen, the effects of the grid are still there.

It is important to use a grid to strictly organize content, regardless of the nature of the content of the Web page.

PRIDE in place celebrated by MAKER ' S ROW

More and more European and American websites begin to label the designer's hometown in the team page, declaring the site's "hometown". In the field of football, on the team's introduction page, everyone likes to "proudly introduce players from ..." And it is this "location-based" information that reinforces the sense of belonging and cohesion of the entire team. Similarly, the designer's "hometown" information also has the same effect.


Social services are so many, not even two services will also hit a shirt on the icon, which directly led users to share the wrong place, and in Europe and the United States, this situation is even more serious. Fortunately there are twloha, with the font style of the text logo replacement icon, recognition increased, and the beauty of the guarantee.

Desire by minimal to CONNECT

Usually, the website will have a "contact" page, we often call it "contacting us." But minimal designer studio changed the idea, they will this common word changed to "Connect", as if to say "to talk about it." This is a very different feeling and conveys a strong desire to communicate with the user. Feelings and human nature. Copywriting is important.


When we discuss the login/registration page, you can easily fill out the shape of the page--in fact, the vast number of pages are similar, in essence, is a form. But some people are not going to follow the crowd. has developed a famous application draft Nathan Kontny, he design the page, the user's message added to the right side of the form, the interaction and communication of the atmosphere presented, to attract more potential users to register.

From a business point of view, this case gives us an experience: Don't be shy to show the user's praise for the product.

COLORS of Creativemornings

In this website called Creativemornings, each chapter is labeled with a different color, which is combined with the author's avatar. This visual element runs through the Web site, which has a pull-down menu and has a variety of edges, shapes, and playful styles. When loading content, there are also beautiful loading and dynamic effects. Bold use of color, exquisite details, this site is simply a tall example ah.

Ultra-lean sign-in of Pulley

The team that designed this site once built the famous creative community big Cartel, and this site, called Pulley, is essentially an electric app that sells downloadable digital content.

To download the content, you need only the password. Based on Web pages, without login, input can be downloaded, these settings reduce costs, reduce friction and errors, but also make the experience more in place.


Studiocrush is a website that shows the stories of various projects. The web site simplifies the narrative, and each project is essentially a process from the beginning (the project's origin) to the end (project delivery), which is bridged by key narrative clues (processes).

Choosing This example from a number of cases, the author is more likely to use "ambition" to describe his starting state than "objective", and as a result, there is no procrastination in the video and description, directly above the picture let everyone to "enjoy"! is so intuitive, is so willful! Put aside the dry and dilatory content, add labels, and write some dried goods, Is it not enough to present content and make the story lovely?


This is a page about the company's goals and employees, which write about their mission, vision, and goals. However, unlike other similar designs, knoed creative, through the "Nine to Five" content module, shows the life and experience of employees after work, which vividly presents the diversity of the company.

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