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The web page's line diagram is very intuitive, but there are no technical difficulties. You only need to figure out some elements needed on the page, such as the header, navigation, and footer, and at most some interaction and content areas.
However, this is very important for the development of any network application.
Of course there are many ways to do this. The simplest thing is to pick up paper and pen. But in this article, we will introduce some very efficient and useful online prototype tools, and they are completely free.
Lumzy quick Prototyping Tool
With Lumzy, you can create a prototype for your application and add some interactive events. With it, you can create a pop-up box, interactive page navigation, and add external links. He provides a good platform for team collaboration design and communication, and is completely free of charge.

Mockup Builder killer prototype tool
MockupBuilder was released recently and is worth looking forward. He has many features: UI model, interactive line diagram, page layout, client prototype, and even site map and screen navigation.

Of course, communication with customers and team members is also very powerful. In addition, he is free of charge.

Create a prototype chart using Tiggr
The idea of Tiggr is to give you all the resources to make the final draft. You can design a lot of elements and share them. Other collaborative users will help you create HTML/CSS code to achieve the fastest generation. It takes 10 seconds to register and you will be able to enjoy this free stuff.

Online production of Frame Box lightweight prototypes
FrameBox is not very special. You can drag and drop, set the size, and copy and paste these UI components. However, this feature is that you can easily create a prototype by dragging it. To use this lightweight free tool, you also need to register it.

SimpleDiagrams free version (Adobe Air App)
Simplediagrams is a very small Adobe Air program that allows you to easily implement your own ideas. Drag and Drop components, add images or tabs, and export PNG images are all special features. By adding some small functions, you can achieve a very good prototype.

IPhone MockupiPhone prototype
In iPhone Mockup, you can use the pencil mode or the chart mode editor. No matter what you choose, the features are the same. You can easily generate application prototypes on the iPhone. You can also share it with others. Even if you change the design, others can see it through that link.

FluidIA is an online but downloadable rich user interface prototype design tool. It is based on the object-oriented concept and can be improved quickly. The basic idea of its design is that any member of the team, whether a designer or engineer, can freely design their own prototype. FluidIA has been updated a little slowly recently, but it is still a very good line chart tool.

Penpencil ProjectFireFox plug-in
Penpencil Project is a Firefox plug-in designed for the prototype interface. With its built-in templates, you can create links to documents and output them as HTML files, PNG files, OpenOffice documents, Word documents, and PDF files. What else can be said? Such an excellent plug-in is essential for every designer and developer.

Application under CogToolWin MAC
CogTool is a powerful prototype generation tool. Unlike other tools, it can automatically evaluate your design based on human cognitive models. You can use some icons, buttons, and images to generate a description. Then, click the evaluation button to evaluate the human cognitive model of your design, he will tell you how long it takes for average people to understand your intentions. CogTools has many user-guided documents, as well as many tutorials. The Forum also allows you to grow quickly.

Prototype Composer
Prototype Composer allows you to see how a website runs before writing real code. In the past, there were countless text portals, complex data structures, and low-tech UML diagrams. This tool allows you to collaborate easily to complete a seemingly running program.
The Community version is free of charge. It allows you to create a sample program for a user-defined project.

DUB-DENIM (cross-platform application)
DENIM is a cross-platform desktop program. His own introduction is an informal tool that helps with early website design.
He has many ideas from the paper and pen design prototype. You can quickly sketch to ensure that important functions are preferred. However, unlike a pen or paper sketch, it can also have interactions and animations.

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