11 tickets are no longer difficult to buy Cheetah browser to launch a special version of the ticket

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Every holiday train ticket is always difficult to buy, often can not get, a lot of people only in the 12306.cn on the rush to brush the ticket, this 11, 12306 is particularly not to force.

Cheetah Browser has just launched a ticket to rob Special edition, containing ticket assistant third party application expansion, can help netizens to capture the fastest opportunity to buy tickets, but also greatly eliminates the manual brush the ticket when the anxious and mechanical operation.

Use Cheetah Browser grab ticket, in the 12306.cn booking tickets, there is a program robot to help you automatically brush the ticket, do not delay the normal work or entertainment, once the new ticket, but also the first time the desktop window, and issued a sound reminder to inform netizens in time to order tickets.

Cheetah Browser Grab Ticket Special Edition is very convenient to use, only a simple four steps:

The first step: Install Cheetah Browser Grab ticket special edition

Step Two: Install "12306.cn grab ticket assistant" at Cheetah Store

Open the Cheetah browser to the top left corner of the main menu, into the "Cheetah Shop", "12306.cn grab ticket assistant" in the most prominent position.

Step three: Login to 12360.cn automatic swipe ticket

In the Cheetah Browser open www.12306.cn, click the left "buy tickets", login personal account, enter the ticket round-trip, time and other query conditions, the ticket assistant has been working. The following figure, it can remember the query information, set the query cycle, such as every 6 seconds will automatically refresh there are no new tickets.

Fourth step: The success of the ticket to remind timely

Once the ticket is successful, the assistant can also be the first time to remind netizens in many ways. In addition to the current page prompt "already has the ticket bird", it also has the sound reminder. Users can also set "Allow dynamic.12306.cn to display desktop Alerts," as shown in the following figure. Even if you are working or doing something else, it will remind users in time that "tickets are available!"

Of course, after booking, remember to pay to complete the purchase of tickets OH.

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