11n Technology for high-quality wireless broadband transmission

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With the rapid development of wireless network technology and the rapid growth of Internet access requirements, wireless broadband services are booming, and the demand for high bandwidth and high coverage is getting stronger and stronger. The 11n technology came into being, it can meet the requirements of Wireless LAN for higher network bandwidth, service quality, and coverage.

802.11n uses several key technologies, including MIMO-OFDM technology, channel bundling technology, Short GI technology and two true aggregation technologies. MIMO uses multiple antennas and channels at the transmitting end and receiving end to provide communication capacity and spectrum utilization. Channel bundling technology can bind two adjacent 20 MHZ channels to 40 MHZ, doubling the transmission rate. Short GI can avoid delay on the receiving side due to multiple paths and other reasons, so as to ensure that the data can be properly parsed at the receiving end. Frame aggregation technology integrates certain fields of the message to provide MAC efficiency, reduce channel conflicts, and effectively improve system throughput. The combined use of the above technologies not only ensures the stability and reliability of wireless coverage, but also increases bandwidth and coverage capabilities, making the development of wireless networks more economical.

In the context of high bandwidth application speed, rural villages and towns with huge network access needs are experiencing a wave of rapid advances in wireless access applications. At present, the rural wireless coverage application products and solutions are based on WiFi access technology, mainly using 802.11n wireless transmission standards.

As smart da Kang new WiFi outdoor wireless CPE products, ZN-7200-2C adopts 2X2 MIMO-OFDM modulation technology, in line with IEEE802.11b/g/n standard. Under IEEE802.11n wireless transmission standard, the speed and stability of ZN-7200-2C data transmission are guaranteed. When used in combination with Wi-Fi outdoor base station products, users can easily establish a comprehensive WLAN coverage system. Now, you can use the remote management software CPE wireless partner to upgrade the CPE. When the CPE fails, you can restart and reset the CPE through the CPE wireless partner. ZN-7200-2C listed in 2012 with its stable performance and convenient operation, outdoor CPE products in the fierce market competition, stand out, has received praise from users.

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