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4. Insert + foot mark. Insert the + pin after the K foot mark in the first line of the topic. Type the browse order identifier at the + foot mark below the subject text. An identifier can be a number (such as 005), or a set of names plus colons and numbers (such as CAL c:005) A topic can have only one browse order.

Hotspots are text or images that a user can trigger an action. A hotspot can jump to another topic. Display themes or execute macros in other windows. In most cases, important fields are designed as hotspots to achieve a topic jump.

The following are steps to implement a topic jump:

1. Enter the field or insert the image you want to jump;

2. High Brightness selection field, formatted with double underline. In Microsoft Word, press the ALT +t key to eject the character Format dialog box and select a double underline in the list;

3. After these fields or images, type a string for the specified topic. and the content string is hidden and formatted. This content string is the content string of the jump topic;

Follow the steps above to achieve a jump between topics.

Finally, to save the edited file in Rich Text format, WinHelp can only compile RTF files. The following are typical RTF files:

#$+ help Example indexindex_info 1 of 2index_2


Edit Menumenu_edit

File Menumenu_file


Defined termsglossary


Copying Textproc_copying_text

deleting Textproc_deleting_text


Available from Your Application

Context Sensitive topics


# Main_index

$ help Index

+ index:0005 Create content Topics

The content topic lists the main parts of the Help system. The content topic appears with the icon to start the Help system or press content button. Each item of the content topic can be jumped.

Creating a content topic is similar to creating a general theme, WinHelp the default first topic is the content topic. The steps are established as follows:

1. Move to the beginning of the first source file;

2. Type the subject headings that you want to appear in different rows;

3. Set each theme as a hotspot. Build Help Engineering documents

The Help engineering file is a text file. Contains a lot of information about help files. The compiler compiles the project files. The extension of the project file must be HPJ, and the compiled extension is hlp:

The following is a simple help engineering file:







Browsebuttons ()






Context_string is a content string for content topics. This line is not necessary. If there is no first line, WinHelp the first topic of the first Help file as a content topic.

title = Title

Title is the caption of the Help window. Do not enclose the title in quotation marks. This line is not necessarily necessary. If not, the default title is Windows Help.


Compress_level determines whether the project file is compressed at compile time, and the compressed file takes a long time to compile.

Table 11.2 is the value of Compress_level:

The value and meaning of table 11.2 Compress_leve


Take value compile time file size


FALSE Fast (no compression)

MEDIUM Medium medium (high compression)

High speed (no compression)

0 Fast (no compression)

1 slow (high compression)

No fast (no compression)

TRUE slow (high compression)

YES slow (high compression)


ERROR (LOG = log_filename)

Log_filename is the error output file for the WinHelp runtime. If there is an error at compile-time engineering files, a file that logs the error is required. If the project file has this line, the file that WinHelp automatically creates at run time, if not, the error will appear on the screen but not in any file.

BrowseButton ()

If you have this line, the >> and << keys appear in the Help button bar, and you need to define them in the Help file to implement sequential browsing. Refer to insert + PIN in section


Rtf_filename is. RTF source filename. All RTF files form the entire Help system. Each RTF should be on a different line.

The following are examples of engineering documents

; This help project requires HC 3.1


Errorlog = Iconwrks.err

title = Iconworks Help

Contents = Contents

Compress = False

Oldkeyphrase = False

Warning = 3





Editor_keyboard 2

Editor_commands 3

Viewer_keyboard 5

Viewer_commands 6

Defining_colors 1000

Editor_file_menu 1100

Editor_file_menu 1101

Editor_file_menu 1102

Editor_file_menu 1103

Editor_file_menu 1104

Editor_file_menu 1105

Editor_edit_menu 1200

Editor_edit_menu 1201

Editor_edit_menu 1202

Editor_edit_menu 1203

Editor_edit_menu 1210

Editor_edit_menu 1211

Editor_edit_menu 1212

Editor_view_menu 1108

Editor_view_menu 1109

Editor_view_menu 1110

Editor_view_menu 1111

Editor_view_menu 1112

Editor_view_menu 1111

Editor_tools_menu 1400

Select_tool 1401

Paint_tool 1402

Fill_tool 1403

Line_tool 1404


Main = "Iconworks help", (0,0,1023,1023),,, (192,192,192)

Glossary = "Iconworks Help", (222,206,725,486),,, (192,192,192), 1


CB ("Glossary", "&glossary", "JI (' iconwrks.hlp>glossary ', ' glossary ')")

Browsebuttons ()

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