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Are you still worried about the holiday gifts? Buy a gift for your sweetheart, of course, to his or her heart. The 12 constellations have different personalities, what gifts to send this year, as well as the advice of astrological experts.


Send sentimental Aries a bottle of perfume, let him (her) every gestures with the fragrance you give, more importantly can make you have extraordinary sense of accomplishment.


"Courtesy light Affection Heavy" is absolutely not good, because the Taurus thinks the gift value degree and he (she) in your mind position is the equal. So consider a slightly expensive gift, and if you have a connection to him or her, it is certainly the best time to send a ring to show your heart.


Gemini eager to communicate the joy of sending each other a popular mobile phone is a good choice, of course, the latest paragraph, some creative better. More important is to send mobile phone and he (she) always keep in touch with each other to develop a stable relationship, but also let him (she) always think of you.


Full of maternal cancer like the most personalized gift, send can only inspire maternal feelings of the pet effect is very ideal, of course, in order to save the trouble later, a person can only sleep with the baby bear is also very good.

Lion seat

The lion who pays attention to face can not see the cheap goods of the stall, do not make the lion's outbreak, you can not eat. It is best to pick a piece to foil the noble temperament of the lion's clothing, of course, it is best to accompany them to choose, lest one of the wise destroyed.

Virgo livehow, Good Life net

Virgo has a strong sense of family belonging, to send him (her) a set of beautiful tableware or coffee, it is very good to let him (her) feel the warmth of the family, but also let the sensitive Virgo understand the meaning of it, and his (her) in your heart important position.


Like the balance of Libra to all things must have absolute beauty, exquisite earrings in the jewelry just meet the demanding Libra, and can show your elegant taste, is really the both worlds.


Good nostalgic Scorpio is always on the meaning of small things can not put down, may wish to go to several gift shops, to find the most creative gifts, not in the precious or not, but in its profound meaning to express.


Sagittarius with hunting instincts, of course, likes to put their prey in conspicuous places to show off, collection is their biggest hobby, send a rare collection to them, can make Sagittarius excited to sleep.


Pragmatic Capricorn do not like fancy things, the practical things are good, to observe what their tools do not work, to buy them a better, you can express your meticulous thoughtfulness.


Bottles of course like something with water, the snow crystal ball is certainly the most suitable for them, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and jump one!

Double Fish Seat

Love Fantasy fish Heart moment miss the sea, in a good romantic candlelight dinner to him (her) a sea-related gift is a very ideal choice.

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