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The free sugarsync service also allows you to upload and synchronize data from any folder on your computer, not just a specified folder. This service can run on Windows and Mac computers. Supported mobile platforms include iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Mobile (Beta ). However, this service does not support Linux. The starting price of the payment plan is USD 4.99 per month and the storage space is 30 GB.

Dropbox is a leading manufacturer in online backup and file synchronization. Its free service provides 2 GB online storage. It is worth noting that Dropbox supports Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora) in addition to Windows and Mac computers ). In terms of mobile, Dropbox provides a free app to access and manage files on iPhone,best cloud storage for photos  iPad, free cloud storage BlackBerry, and Android devices. The starting price of the payment plan is USD 9.99 per month and the storage space is 50 GB.

Spideroak is another option that supports Linux Online backup, synchronization, file sharing, and storage. In addition to Windows and Mac computers,  this service also supports Linux versions such as Ubuntu, Debian, fedora, and opensuse. The free version of spideroak provides 2 GB storage space. You can download software from a specified number of devices. Spideroak released a mobile app for the iPhone this summer. The company said it will support Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile 7 in the future. The starting price of the payment plan is USD 10 per month and the storage space is 100 GB.

Zecter's zumodriv service allows users to access 1 GB of storage space for free. If you have completed some registration tasks, best cloud storage you can also increase the storage space by 1 GB. Zumodriv creates a virtual hard disk on the desktop to synchronize files to cloud computing. Zumodrive supports windows, Mac, and Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora ). Mobile applications can be used on WebOS platforms for iPhone, Android, and palm. The starting price of the payment plan is USD 2.99 per month and the storage space is 10 Gb.

Opendrive is used for Windows and Mac computers and can be installed with a virtual hard disk on the desktop. Its free service provides 5 GB of file storage, but it limits only two devices to use the opendrive service at the same time. The starting price of the payment plan is $5 per month and the storage space is 100 GB.

Google Docs provides 1 GB free cloud storage space


1. badongo

Store Your files online, play music files, and share files with others.

2. opendrive

Opendrive is a cloud service with 5 GB of storage space for free users. The maximum size of supported files is 100 MB.

3. mediafire

I believe many of them know mediafire, which was previously in harmony and not long ago released (see mediafire ). Mediafire's online storage service is world-leading, with unlimited upload and unlimited storage, and is welcomed by many users.

4. sendspace

Allows you to easily and quickly send shared documents, provide free file storage space, and unlimited upload. It provides Android and iPhone application services.

5. fileden

Fileden services prefer direct file sharing. 1 GB free storage space. The maximum file size is 100 mb. All files are running on external links.

6. adrive

Adrive provides an all-in-one online storage and backup service, 50 GB online storage, online document editing, and convenient search tools.

7. wuala

Wuala claims that its online storage service is very secure. If you worry that other online storage services are not home, you can trust wuala. All files are encrypted and backed up redundant before being uploaded, creating a wuala group for your design and building a social network.

8. divshare

More convenient for multimedia sharing, 5 GB storage space and 10 Gb/month download, supports uploading photos, files, movies and music.

9. filedropper

Simple online storage service, a simple file hosting service to satisfy your needs of online storage space. You can upload a single file up to 5 GB without registration. Free to use on the 7th. The minimum charge for paying users is USD 0.99/month.

10. ifile. it

Simple and free online storage, making it easier to upload and share files. The maximum size of 300 mb files.

11. File savr

Free Online Shared Space and file backup services, free users can upload files up to 2 GB.

12. Uploading

Online sharing is simpler and safer. A single file with a maximum size of 1 GB can be uploaded and has unlimited storage space. files uploaded for a long time cannot be downloaded and may be deleted.

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