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Dropbox is an industry-leading cloud storage solution. If you haven't used it yet, we recommend you register now and try it. There is 2 GB free space for registration, if we use my recommendation link for registration, we will add 250 M each. Common Prosperity :)

You may ask, what is the purpose? Consider the following situations:

1. Synchronize QQ token records. QQ is installed on the company and home computers, google cloud storage and chat records are scattered on different machines. Is there a way to automatically synchronize them together? Well, you said that QQ members can, yes, I said that this requires qcoins (often RMB ). Solution: Use dropbox to store the QQ record in the dropbox directory. The Chat record is automatically synchronized at any time at home or at the company.

2. Replace the USB flash drive. Are you still using a USB flash drive to check information on your computer at home? Try Dropbox and fix it automatically.

3. centralized source code management. You may write a small plug-in on the company's computer, best cloud storage but it is not complete yet. You want to take it home and continue writing. Are you going to take the bulky big computer back? Or you say I can copy it back with a USB flash drive? It would be nice to have a source code control tool that can be synchronized on the Internet. You can use Google Code, best cloud storage for photos but I still don't want to open source Code. What should I do? Use Dropbox! Use SourceSafe or tortoise SVN to create your repository in the dropbox directory. In this way, you can obtain the latest source code at home or in the company without worrying about source code leakage.

4. How many photos are missing? Put it on the Internet, use dropbox, and the old cloud storage provider, where the word of mouth is everywhere, security is needless to say.

5. Is it difficult to synchronize computers with iPad, iPod, and Android mobile phones? IPad and computer synchronization have to plug in, free cloud storage Install iTunes, trouble, use dropbox. I often put some pdf files on my computer in dropbox. Then I can see them on the iPad, and dropbox will automatically synchronize them.


What else do you think?

Again, with my invitation link for registration, we both get an additional 250 mb. After successful registration, you can also invite your friends to get more.

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