12 Powerful Chrome Plugin extensions

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Chrome is powerful, thanks to its extensive repository of extensions. There are a variety of plugins available in the Chrome Web store to suit all your requirements when using Chrome. Like Firefox, Chrome's extensions are easy to install and easy to uninstall. Unlike Firefox, Chrome extensions do not need to be restarted, and no extensions will reduce the size of your page. Here I have summed up the 2013 Chrome 12 very powerful extensions for everyone to choose to share. These plug-ins can improve efficiency to varying degrees. such as turn off the light these very common I do not introduce.

all extensions can be searched and downloaded online from the Chrome Web store. (unless you can't open the Web Store)


Chrome detectors can be used to detect open source software or JS class library, developers must. with this plugin, you can detect:

    1. JavaScript libraries: JQuery, ExtJS, Angular, and more.
    2. Common Web Services: Baidu Statistics, CNZZ, Google Analytics and so on.
    3. WEB Framework: WordPress, PhpBB, Drupal, MediaWiki and so on.
    4. Server environment: PHP, Apache, Nginx and so on.
    5. When you install this plugin to browse the Web, you can also find more frames and libraries that you don't know about.



Password management software. You can save all your password information, you no longer need to remember the complex password, just log in to LastPass, then save your password, LastPass will automatically help you to complete the landing, do not need to enter a password. It allows you to import and export passwords from any major password memory, capturing passwords that other managers cannot capture including many Ajax forms. It's also easy to create powerful passwords. Sensitive information is encrypted on the local computer before uploading, so it is not possible for LastPass employees to get password information. When it's better, LastPass doesn't just support Chrome, it's Firefox, opera, or even ie.


Lazarus:form Recovery

A powerful first-aid software. When your browser crashes, exits unexpectedly, and ends the process, you can use this software to reply to the text you entered on your browser page without having to re-enter it sadly.


Minimalist for everything

The style sheet modifies the plug-in. You can use it to implement a variety of CSS customizations to your site, or to make your site look fresher, or to make your site more style-based. For example, hide the ads on a news site, remove the Gmail navigation bar, and even make the email attachment icon automatically change with the plugin type. Set up once, sync in the cloud, and apply automatically when the site loads. But because it is too powerful, many people do not know how to use it after installation.


Secure Bookmarks

As the name implies, a plugin for encrypting bookmarks. But this is not to encrypt your entire bookmark, but to add private bookmarks in the privacy of the plugin. Unless you enter a password, others won't see the bookmark you saved in the plugin. For example, if you want to buy a gift for someone, a favorite product page you don't want to see, or your private information page wants to hide, you can add it to secure bookmarks. And you only need to enter once to view the password, you can add changes or access at any time during your entire use. When you leave the computer, just click "Exit" on the plugin until the next time you enter the password to access it.


Text Mode

Turn the whole page into just the text! This plugin is especially suitable for students who love to watch the news on the Internet or read novels and reading. When this plugin is turned on, all the images will be dashed, and the entire page tone becomes black and white, allowing you to focus on the text, no more disturbing, distracting images of the flushed heartbeat! You just have to read it to the fullest. But you can't take it to the comics online.



This plugin can help you to transfer attachments from your Gmail messages to Box,google Drive, and to Dropbox. You do not need to download first, then log in, then upload, now only a few buttons can be. You need to log in to the relevant service before using to get permission.


Tabs Outliner

We know that if Chrome opens more than 10 tabs, it gets pretty scary: You can't read the headline. Has there been a situation where many of the same tags have been opened repeatedly because of disorderly clutter on the tab page? If you use tabs Outliner, things will get better. It will create a new window next to the browser, put all the tabs in the domain name classification, if you want to find the tab, it becomes very easy. If your screen is widescreen, it's more suitable.


Scroll Marker

Scrolling a very long page when the eyes are spent do not know where to read? Don't underestimate this plugin, this plugin can be in your reading long text, at the bottom of the page (or where you want to) add a translucent line, as the page scrolls, this way you can follow this line to determine your reading position to continue to read, not dizzy resulting in the last to give up reading. All style colors and delay times can be customized.


Chrome Office Viewer

This plug-in is very powerful, and it's handy when you don't want to open office, don't want to upload to Google Docs or don't have Office installed, and you'll be able to read Office files directly in your browser, from slides to normal word.



The plugin is extremely simple and can be found in the application of the new tab after installation. Features like temporary Notepad, not only support temporary paste, it also has rich shortcut keys, support grammar auto-complete, save as a variety of files (such as CPP, JS, HTML) and many other rich features.


HTTPS Everywhere

This plug-in can realize the HTTPS support of the automatic detection website, and automatically switch to HTTPS SSL secure connection, to achieve the client-to-server content transmission encryption, to ensure your security. If you are very focused on your online security and privacy, then it is recommended that you install this plugin.


12 Powerful Chrome Plugin extensions

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