12 skills that agile experience designers should have

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The difference between Agile UX and traditional waterfall UX is that it is strongly associated with the delivery process, the need for people is also more comprehensive, which means that you will change the most of the time you have to do one thing in the corner of the habit, you are required to be more open and learn to cooperate, and from the delivery of skills, There are 12 skills that need to be mastered in the three directions of strategy (design) and research (strategy).

Policy Layer

Unlike in the past, you will be facing your customers, instead of your product manager, you have plenty of time to spend with your customers, listening to their needs, not more, helping them to shape their needs, forming a consensus on the direction of the product design, and eventually forming a workable plan for delivery. To achieve this, you need the following 4 kinds of skills:

Story telling (storytelling)

Your goal is to get customers to agree on the direction of the design, and the efficiency of the process depends on your ability to control the customer's ideas. Empathy (empathy) is a common way to unify customers ' ideas--bringing customers into the same situation, thinking and making a break in the context. Then, the construction of the situation becomes the primary skill to guide the client. We call the construction of this situation "storytelling" (storytelling).

There are many ways to tell a story, for example:

Visual communication (Visual Communication): Visual communication is the use of graphical interactive ways to communicate the process in the whiteboard and Flip-chart gradually show up.

Storyboard (storyboarding): Use a large whiteboard to fully present a complete story, and let everyone know all the steps a typical user has to complete for different user goals.

Sketch (sketching): Use sketches to describe a user problem, or a conceptual solution, to make the customer feel as vividly as possible.

Speech (pitching presentation): The presentation of the story in the form of a complete presentation, so that a higher level or not participating customers understand the background of the project launch, enhance customer confidence.

This is an example of using visual communication

This is an example of a storyboard

Use the sketch to express the problem that the consumer may encounter, this is the sketch book of localhost classmate

Use high quality document to express project background

Conceptual model (Concept Generation)

After fully understanding the problem and background, you need to lead the client and other designers to build the conceptual model. The process of establishing a conceptual model is usually:

Look for design challenges in a complete consumer context, such as: How can I get flight change information the first time? How can I avoid the peak to choose the most suitable route to the airport in a strange city?

Prioritize design challenges-which are the most serious challenges to consumers today, and which are most favored by consumers.

Using the five sketches method, use five sketches to express a solution to a particular design challenge, group display, and find the most popular highlights.

Synthesize the bright spots in various designs, draw the final concept model sketch and show it.

Draw a solution with a sketch

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