12.12 Huai North Ski Resort

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Early in the morning, to go to Tsing Lung Gorge, in order to experience the so-called skiing before the price, is looking forward to, after all, Blue Fang. Gloves, spare socks, buy coupons, water, small bread, 300 deposit, the basic also brought these, say live in the backcountry also good, car journey 5 minutes to the tall on the "Huai North International Ski Resort", eat breakfast, 9 point 40 on to, to the other side, changed equipment, snow shoes, poles, skis, hurriedly into the ski resort , large tracts of snow in front of the eyes, of course, there are large tracts of people, is about to face challenges, excitement and nervous fear, so on the ground, "I" gave a try, feel good, ah, before beginning to forget to take pictures, haha

Mactan, and this one, how a "national leader visits Shencanzhijian's feeling of disabled athletes!" ”
After that, when we first started skiing, we could use that song to describe "rubbing friction, rubbing on the slippery ground, like the devil's pace, like the devil's pace.", after the appearance of even the annual instalment "Roll The Boy", and then the miserable fancy wrestling, will not love ... But rolling rolling or learned some drops, here to reveal the trick: first to slow down and glide, keep fast slow slippery, feet by the inside of eight, then the calf close to the snow shoes, lean forward, the waist exerting force. Next will turn, likewise, the trick of turning is the inside eight, but is one foot force, right turn left foot force, left right foot force. Mastering these two will be OK, then enjoy the pleasure of coasting. Altogether slipped 5 hours, played the car back, anyhow 1212 ski trip is very happy, save money have fun, southerners inexplicable joy haha ... Although after coming back with someone unpleasant, but fortunately a moment, hey.

12.12 Huai North Ski Resort

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