12306 Automatic Brush ticket Grab ticket function Novice Use tutorial

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12306 automatic swipe ticket to rob the ticket function how to use

After we open the 12306 website in the computer, click the "Login" option in the interface.

Login No, I said I lost you. 12306 the username and password on the website "Log in". If you do not have 12306 accounts, register in time.
Then check out where you're going and vote, as we can click on "More options."
Then choose the person who took the bus, this can be added if not.
Next, set the priority train, enter the train you need to purchase first, then click "+".
Next, set priority seats, similarly, in the corresponding seats in front of the tick can be.
This alternative date can be chosen or not chosen.
Next you can also select the priority level in the Advanced settings, select the priority of the seats or the train priority depending on the individual situation. Then it is important to check the "autocommit" option.
More options are complete, next check "Open Automatic" under the Query button in the upper right corner and click the "Query" button.
This will automatically brush kiss, if you want to brush the ticket will be prompted, and then we only need to "submit" and then enter the verification code to complete the order. Let's hurry up and pay for it next time.

12306 Automatic brush ticket Grab ticket without the beep how to do

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