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To online booking train tickets, first of all, into the booking of train tickets official website: www.12306.cn, remember words, on: 123 start go, train move slightly (06)

Online booking train Ticket second step-install certificate "Download installation root certificate"

Why do you want to install this? It is safer for you to install anyway. How to install? After downloading is a zip file: srca12306.zip, open this file, click inside the Srca.cer file, directly open, all the way OK.

The third step of booking the train ticket online--entering the purchase ticket

Click on the left side of the "buy tickets", which is left? That is, the side without the mouse, except for left-handed.

Online booking of the train ticket process step fourth-registration

Click on the ticket to enter the next page, see the upper right "registration", "Login"? Hurry up and register, lest your ID be registered.

See the terms of service, directly agree. (Do not agree also Wood has method) The new user registers, hits the asterisk (*) must fill in, the other does not fill. However, the password hint problem, it is best to fill in, lest later be stolen number, later still need, now a little trouble, later will be much easier oh ~ listen to me right.

Registration Form online Booking train ticket step fifth--add common contacts

Why do you want to add a common contact? To avoid the wrong time to lose, and, when the ticket can be faster oh. Experience. into "My 12306."

The sixth step of booking train tickets online--inquiry

After registration, quickly login, enter the ticket booking. Choose one-way, or round-trip. Departure: Enter the city name first letter. such as Hz on display is "Hangzhou", NC shows "Nanchang", choose a good departure date, return date. Point query. Of course, there are also advanced query, you can choose various types of train, Sibe, Zhang number. At present, the website can handle the passenger train ticket business which starts with "C", "D", "G", "Z", "T" and "K". Jane code for the station simple spell two or three, Jane spell more than three use the first two plus the last one, such as Shanghai Hongqiao Shq.

The seventh step of booking train tickets online--booking

See the domain name, choose a good train, if there is no fault, then hurriedly order it.

Online booking of the train ticket process step eighth-confirm the order

Confirm the order. This need not explain, I see clearly is ha ~

The Nineth step of booking train tickets online--payment

After confirming the order, the payment must be made within the stipulated time, and the system will reserve the ticket. How long does it take? Of course, you'd better pay right now. Anyway, sooner or later, I'll pay. Reservation until 12 o'clock noon on the same day, the order is reserved until 24 o'clock, the same day 12 o'clock to 24, the order is reserved until the next day, noon 12 o'clock. Passengers are required to take the ticket before the reservation period, exceeding the retention time booking order will be cancelled automatically.

The tenth step of booking the train ticket online--Handle the ticket change

Online booking successful, to remember order information. Or to the station ticket hall, or train ticket sales point to change the ticket.

The current "T-word-head" express train tickets online booking of pre-sale period of 11 days (including the start date). The K-Word train ticket can also be on sale. Online booking of train ticket sales time 5:00-24:00 Shanghai Railway Bureau from January 1, 2012 onwards, the tube in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui region on the day to enter the pre-sale period of the latest ticket sales time to adjust, the implementation of staggered ticketing. Hangzhou Direct Station, Ningbo, Jinhua car section, the company's range of tickets from the sales time of 10:00. Online booking train ticket pre-sale period after New Year's Day, telephone booking and online booking pre-sale 12 days, train station and consignment point for 10 days. New Year's Day, the high-speed train ticket is 10 days, the general speed trains are 5 days, not later than the train to drive 2 hours before the ticket can be selected. Spring Festival How many days, but also to be determined. Welcome users to add points to provide Kazakhstan. Online booking of the number of train tickets and seats can be booked up to 5, can not choose the shop online booking train tickets to take tickets to the voucher can be exchanged for paper tickets (Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail does not need to change the ticket), can take tickets to the station, you can also get tickets to the consignment point (5 yuan handling fee), EMU can be in the automatic ticketing machine "brush" second generation ID card to take tickets

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