12306 Ticket Purchase Tip: This site's security certificate has a problem-solving method

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What is a security certificate

A security certificate is an identity card, or a private key, on an online transaction, and your security certificate is unique, unlike any other person's certificate. To prevent duplication, we are not saving the security certificate when we send it to you, so you must keep your security certificate in good order. When trading, your trading instructions are through the security certificate of high intensity encryption, even if someone on the internet to steal, he can not know the specific content of the transaction.

Why the security certificate expires


1. We can solve this problem by changing the time in the computer, click on the "Start" menu in the lower left corner---"Control Panel"---"Date and time";
2. Adjust the date and time of verification on the computer, usually in line with Beijing time.
3. Then restart the computer to start on it.
Note: If the computer is restarted, the time has not changed to replace the CMOS battery on the motherboard.
4. Re-open the browser, try to visit a secure Web site on it.

Second, another case: Web site Security certificate Failure method processing

If you visit a regular security site, this problem indicates that your computer's root certificate is invalid, you need to log in, download the latest version of the root certificate on it.

12306 Ticket Purchase Tip: This site's security certificate has a problem

First of all, the problem is this happened, into the home---click to buy tickets, refunds and so on everything is pop-up below "This site's security certificate has problems", certificate errors, navigation has been blocked!

At this point, in order to be safe, it is recommended to close the current window, do not suggest to continue browsing, because involved in bank account and other money transaction issues, we have to worry!

Then reach 12,306 first page, download security root certificate

When the download is complete, open, locate the file srca.cer, double-click the install root certificate

When installing, note that to install the certificate to the specified trusted location, the problem will not be resolved, as shown in the " Trusted certification Authority " Location!

Refresh the 12,306 first page, open the ticket can be opened normally. The problem has been solved!

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