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The software mentioned below does not include software built into the system, nor does it include the software and professional use software that Apple has produced itself.

4D Keynote Builder 1.0: A Keynote helper that creates cool 3D switching effects, especially for product catalogs.

Acrobat 6: The best tool for creating professional PDFs, of course, Panther has a tool for creating PDFs, but you can only use ACROBAT6 to create encrypted and more versatile PDFs.

Address Book Importer: You can convert your PC's Outlook contacts to a free tool for your Mac (the PC needs to export contacts to a plain text file with tab-delimited), which is preferred when there is no Exchange server.

Adobe Reader 6.0: The free tool for reading PDF files is better than Apple's preview to have more features to select resources in the document, but at a slower pace.

AOL Instant Messenger:aol's chat tool.

Atomix Dojam X SC: I think the best English/Chinese dictionary on Mac, supports drag-and-drop and clipboard fetching words.

Audacity: Free cross-platform audio editing tools that only support dual-channel stereo, but as a free tool, quite impressive.

Audio Hijack Pro: Provides a balanced tool for output audio for individual applications, with more than 100 plugins (which you can use simultaneously), and supports standard VST plugins.

Audiox: Equivalent to the Windows System recorder, but the interface is more beautiful, more functions, you can save files in a variety of formats.

Backup: Apple provides the. Mac user with the backing software, you can back up the main application settings to idisk, also support output to the external drive or CD/DVD disc.

BBEdit: An indispensable universal editor, I used him to edit the plist file and startup item.

BITTORRENT:BT download software, free of charge.

Calculator: Although the system has been expressly not written software, but this calculator really let me down, in addition to the general Calculator and scientific calculator function, he can convert the exchange rate (can update the latest exchange rate on the Internet), List formula calculation (when changing the formula or value of the time to refresh the results).

Camino: As the system comes with Safari browser supplement, wins in compatibility is better, free.

Can Combine Icons: Export mac OS X's 128x128 icon to the ICO format of Windows! And you can combine and process multiple icons to output your favorite style.

CandyBar: If you like to replace all kinds of different icons, this is the best tool to download online with a lot of themes.

Captain Ftp:ftp/sftp client software, user interface, support multi-threaded download and upload, can import other commonly used FTP/SFTP program bookmarks.

Carrafix: Free, can limit the bandwidth used by the various peer-to software.

CDFinder: can quickly compile remote server hard disk, CD-ROM and external memory of the directory and file letter, convenient in the native query.

Chinese Rewriter: Fast Conversion Simplified Traditional Chinese, support hotkey conversion, bidirectional conversion and real-time conversion (typing simultaneous conversion), and support to convert text files and MP3 ID3 tag!!

CHM Viewer: A tool to view the CHM format files on your PC, and to complement each other with the xchm described below.

Clear dock: Free software that can turn the background color of the dock into anything you want, or become completely transparent.

The ghost! on the Clonex:mac

The most established system optimization and maintenance tools on the Cocktail:mac feature a lot and are updated quickly.

Copypaste-x: Multiple clipboard tools that store multiple clipboard contents that you specify, and can add a right-click menu to multiple applications.

Cyberduck: Previously introduced free FTP/SFTP client, support Chinese and multiple text encoding, connect Windows FTP server prerequisite.

Data Rescue X: A semi-professional tool that saves deleted information.

DÉJÀVU: I think the best backup program can be backed up/synchronized to a local or remote server, or written in conjunction with Toast to CD/DVD, is very handy, supports timed or manual backups, and can automatically repair disk permissions before backup.

Delocalizer: Many OS X apps come with other country language packs that you'll never use, and use this free tool to find out which language packs you don't want and where to remove them.

Desktop Manager: Free software for multiple virtual desktops, small, fast, and easy to use.

Diskwarrior: One of the oldest Mac disk rescue and optimization tools, but not to defragment, but to optimize the directory structure of files and folders, the effect is very significant, I will use every month to optimize and maintain software.

DivX Pro 5.1.1: Allows QuickTime to play and encode the output of DivX 5.1.1 format files while also having free simple decoder download.

Dropbatch Iconmaker: Can help you quickly build a large number of picture preview (preview) of the shareware, but do not register does not affect the functionality and duration of use. I have previously introduced the author.

Dvd2onex: You can convert a D9 large DVD movie into a D5 DVD-R that can be lowered in size.

Earthbrowser: View current satellite cloud images and weather forecasts for major cities via online data, and view images that have been sent back to the local camera.

Easybatchphoto: Quickly batch convert picture format.

File Buddy 7: You can modify various properties of files/folders (create, modify date, permissions, owner, etc.), one of the best assistive tools for finder.

Fr-photostudio (OS X): An excellent image viewer previously introduced by the author.

Frozen-bubble: Free bubble Dragon game, kill time boutique.

Fruitmenu: I think it's better than the famous Maxmenu, which lets you define the Apple menu and the right-click menu, and provides the ability to automatically turn the right button on the left button for a few seconds (only works in the Finder), as well as the files/folders and programs you've visited. Where pictures can be previewed directly.

Gbrowser: The excellent free image browser, which was introduced earlier, can output the selected picture as a screensaver, and the speed of the image is very fast.

Goliath: Although Apple itself has idisk Utility, but in some network environment uploads very slowly, then I use the more stable Goliath. Free.

GraphicConverter: The closest image browser to ACDSee, supports hundreds of image formats, and can output more than 50 image formats.

Hexedit:16 bit Editor

IADDRESSX: You can display the data from the system's address Book directly on the menu, and you can copy and edit the call directly.

Icon2ico: The free version of Can Combine icons previously introduced, but only the 128x128 icon of Mac OS X can be exported directly to the ICO format of Windows and cannot be edited.

ICQ 3.4: You don't have to explain, do you? Free software.

IDisk Utility: Apple provides the IDisk hook for. Mac users, although it is not necessary in Panther, but I prefer it can be operated with a menu.

Igetter 1.9.5: My favorite multi-threaded download software, and the browser has a close combination, similar to the PC-like FlashGet, free version without restrictions, but the launch has a 10-second copyright screen.

Iorganize: Personal Data Collection Manager, you can directly copy the Web page paste into the inside, support groups and queries, Web bugs must.

IP Checker: A small software that queries IP sources is a subsidiary of ISQ.

IPodRip: A powerful ipod manager that plays music directly from your ipod and fixes and optimizes your ipod database, drags songs directly, copies ipod songs back to your computer, and many other features.

Irecordnow: Turn isight into a simple DV.

Iscreensaver Designer: The program that designs the screensaver, you can also output the screen saver format for your PC, and add various restrictions and settings to your screensaver.

ISQ: A free OICQ compatible program developed by a third party, but currently does not support file transfer and voice video.

IVCD: You can make standard VCD2.0 software, including menus.

Ivisit: more mature pc and Mac Video chat tool can also audio, but the server is abroad, I am often disconnected here.

Kdxclient: A free client for connecting to the KDX server.

Lamesecure: Fool File/Folder encryption program, encrypted after opening files and folders will be asked to enter a password.

Leechster: Can browse and download other computer itunes share out the music, free tool.

Little Snitch: You can prevent the application from automatically accessing "home" when you don't know it, you can define the option of not allowing access, allowing once, allowing access to the same port, the server and all the time allowed until the program exits, very flexible, With the system built-in firewall or netbarrier use the best.

Logorrhea: Free ichat chat recording tool.

Macstumbler: Find a nearby wireless network and display its information, basically the same as the Stumbler on your PC. Free tools.

Macsword: Free electronic version of the Bible, with simplified and traditional Chinese, English and other forms of the Bible, Classics sharp weapon!!

MacTheRipper: A free tool for converting DVDs to DVD RIP, but not very stable on my machine.

Mactracker: Find out more about Mac hardware products from antique level to the latest models. Free software

MACVCD X:mac to see the VCD tools.

Makingmusic: Free software, with information and instructions for various instruments, with demonstration pieces.

Menumeters: Can be displayed on the menu CPU utilization, memory and hard disk remaining, network access situation, very intuitive, free software.

Meteorologist: The free menu Displays the weather forecast program, which can display the weather conditions and future predictions of several cities at the same time, and automatically update the Internet regularly.

Mpeginsu: A gadget for cutting MPEG files.

One of the most popular free media players on MPlayer OS X 2:mac.

Netbarrier X3: My favorite stand-alone network firewall.

Norton Internet Security:norton antivirus+personal Firewall suite, but I only use Norton Antivirus in it, because it's the best real-time antivirus I can find.

Norton SystemWorks: Similar to the PC version of Norton SystemWorks, but with fewer features, there are disk grooming capabilities and data rescue features that are essential for maintenance.

OmniGraffle Professional: The software that draws the flowchart.

Omniweb:mac upper bound surface of the most gorgeous browser, the free version can not change the home page, this browser and Sundigi background to cooperate with the best, I use it to login backstage management.

OnyX: Free system maintenance and optimizer, and cocktail similar when features are relatively small.

Palm Desktop: All Palm's know.

PDF U: You can enhance the output in print to the PDF button and then export the PDF directly to a specific application after installation. Good stuff for free

PhotoStitch: A powerful tool for making panoramas.

Playlist to DVD: Very interesting software that can output the MP3 in itunes to iDVD and burn out MP3 music dvd!! and automatically add conversion effects and extract MP3 ID information, album cover as a display, now a DVD can put a full day high-quality MP3! Unfortunately, Chinese language names are not supported.

Pod 2 Pod:ghost your ipod and also supports copying between two ipods.

Podutil: Free tool to copy music from your ipod back to your computer and listen to the songs on your ipod.

Proteus: let you at the same time login icq,msn,ichat and yahoo account, I use it at the same time landing two MSN:). The resource usage is smaller than MSN Messenger, but the individual feels that the connection status is not stable.

PUREFTPD Manager: One of the most stable options for the free FTP server, transfer from freeware BSD to Mac platform.

Quake3: Classic Open GL 3D game, write tired to kill two plates.

RealOne Player: Not the first day of the computer should know

Remote Desktop: Used to remotely control other Apple machines, like PC Anywhere.

Remote Desktop Connection: A free tool from Microsoft that can be used to remotely control a winnt4~win2003 pc, and of course the PC must be open for terminal and Remote Desktop services.

Rendezvous Browser: Browse the Rendezvous services provided by other Apple machines on the network.

Resorcerer 2.4.1: Program Resource Editor.

Romeo: Free software for Mac via Bluetooth remote control.

Roxio Toast 6 is one of the best burning programs on Titanium:mac, and the PC's Easy CD is produced by the same company.

Safarisorter: The free software for sorting safari bookmarks.

Salling Clicker: The best Bluetooth phone remote control mac software, support P800 and P900 Symbian 7.0 mobile phone, I use the P802 with it, you can directly on the screen with a pen to operate the mouse, opening and closing the flap can be used, The latest version has supported the perfect display of itunes Chinese songs and Chinese search.

Screen Query: Free bad point detection program.

Serialbox Reader: hehe.

Sharepoints:panther's own sharing is limited to the home directory, SharePoints provides the option to share any location, and can set more security and sharing management options. And it's free software.

Simple Diary: Diary program, support encryption and tree-like browsing, allowing the insertion of images, but the query has a bug.

Sitesucker: Offline download free program for website.

Snapz Pro X:mac The best screenshots on the software, and supports the interception of video and audio, but also through the microphone to join the voice, before the screenshot can preview the effect, automatically generate a window shadow (so do not have to switch to a white background), and can output a variety of formats and specify open programs.

Sofa: Free small itunes controller, the best feature is to automatically find the album cover online (according to your MP3 ID information), and then share to itunes, so as long as the search once and for all.

Speed Download: The most famous Mac multi-threaded download software, you can create and manage your own download server in the local share to others, but personally feel it to the FTP connection with password support poor (such as Sundigi driver download), so just as a supplement to igetter use.

Speedtools Utilities: A small system maintenance optimizer that can defragment hard disk fragments and quickly test system performance with a wide range of functions.

StuffIt Deluxe:mac, the undisputed king of compression/decompression software, supports almost all compression formats. The SITX format has a higher compression ratio (but also very slow compression) than the PC's RAR.

Synergy: I think the best itunes menu controller can be used with buttons or shortcut keys, the customization function is flexible and very stable.

System Optimizer X: Simple systems optimizer, function generally, win the simple operation of one-button complete.

TechTool Pro 4: Personally think is the strongest detection and maintenance/optimization software on Mac, but once the operation is careless, there will be a lot of problems.

Tex-edit Plus: Perfect support for Chinese text/Web free editor, support Apple Script, with it I basically do not have the system comes with the TextEdit.

Thumbnail Pro: Very interesting program, you can quickly create an icon for a large number of pictures, please note that not preview, you can create an icon with a variety of interesting borders, such as stars and stamps, such as jagged, in the Finder looks cool.

Tinkertool: Veteran + Free system maintenance and Setup program, features can change the system default font and fast restart Finder, other features than cocktail and onyx excellent.

Transmit: Veteran Mac Ftp/sftp client, very powerful.

Vcdgearx: Quickly convert a VCD into MPEG files, of course, if you're accustomed to using QuickTime Pro probably faster.

Videoscript: A pro video editing script with QuickTime.

Vijournal: Another free diary program, wins the interface more beautiful features, but now is the beta version.

Virtual PC 6: Simulates Windows operating system from DOS to WinXP on Mac, and can also emulate Linux and other operating systems that can be installed on X86 (e.g. BeOS)

Vlc:mac's most powerful multimedia player software, free and support VCD and DVD.

VueScan: If your scanner doesn't have a for Mac driver, VueScan is almost your only option.

Watson: The system comes with an advanced version of Sherlock.

Web Devil: Another Web site offline browsing tool, classic old software.

Windows Media Player: This is the most secure option if you want to play files in WMA and WMV format on your Mac, and the latest version will support the encoding of the Windows Media Player 9 Series.

Windowsshadex: You can shrink the program window to only the title or zoom out to the corner of the desktop, allowing custom shortcut keys, with exposé!

Xbench: Quickly test your Mac performance, and the results can output a report.

Xchm: The best choice for browsing CHM files, freeware, but sometimes the Chinese CHM support is not good enough, I use the CHM viewer and it together.

Yahoo! Messenger: Oh, no need to explain, you can and PC Yahoo! Messenger video, but no sound.

サファリスイッチフォルダ: Japanese? Yes, but it is also a good thing, the only function is when Safari browsing the web is not normal, press F11, it will call IE to browse the current abnormal connection.

I hope you can enjoy the sharing, but also want to have more friends to share their favorite software

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