13 Brain-hole open Creative book ads

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1, Mint vinetu Bookstore advertisement

Design: Love Agency | Coordinates: Lithuania

Advertising language: Become someone else. Pick your hero at the Mint Vinetu Bookstore. (Become someone else.) Pick your hero at Mint Vinetu.)

 2, Oxford Bookstore "refused piracy" advertising

Design: Mudra (India) | Coordinates: UK

Slogan: Every pirated book you buy is disrespectful to the author. (Every time for a pirated book of you, the disrespect its author.)

  3, Steimatzky Books Bookstore Ads

Design: ACW Grey Tel-aviv | Coordinates: Israel

Slogan: Good books accompany you to sleep. (the right book would Always Keep you.)

The Lord of the Rings: The Guardian of the Rings

The biography of Stalin

"Don Quixote"

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

  4. Public Library Luísángel Arango advertisement

Design: Mike Stilkey | Coordinates: Columbia

Advertising language: Reading Shapes you.

 5, Penguin Ads

Design: Saatchi & Saatchi (Singapore)

Advertising language: Escape into the book (Escape into a books).

  6, Floriano Bookstore Advertising

Design: Filadélfia | Coordinates: Brazil

Advertising language: Dedicated to a true reader (for real reading lovers)

  7, Reading Day advertising

Design: Matosgrey | Coordinates: Brazil

Slogan: Don ' t forget to read more.

  8, Filigranes Bookstore Advertising

Design: Air | Coordinates: Belgium

Advertising language: What about you? Why are you reading? (And, why do you read?)


 9, stories! Bookstore Advertising

Design: Kolle Rebbe | Coordinates: Germany

Advertising language: Where do your books take you? (Where would yours Take you?)

 10, Pulp Books Bookstore Ads

Design: Lowe Bull | Coordinates: South Africa

Slogan: Read yourself interesting.

 11, Ebook-india E-book Company Advertising

Design: Ogilvy & Mather | Coordinates: India

Advertising language: Paper book costs the Earth.

 12, Avelar Machado second-hand book bookstore advertisement

Design: DRAFTFCB | Coordinates: Portugal

Advertising language: Almost as new (almost as good as new).

You can see the cracks on Joyce's glasses and the Band-Aid on Christie's head when you open the big picture.

  13, book Theme ads

Topic: The power of the book

Design: Mladen Penev

Via ebookfriendly.com

I wonder which brain hole you like best?

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