1.3 Cut Chart

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1, which is need to cut out

Cosmetic (typically used in CSS's Background property)

Icon logo

buttons, text, etc. with special effects

Background of non-solid color

Content (typically used in HTML IMG tags)

Banner, advertising pictures

The picture in the article

Do not transduction only occupy a bit

2, cut out the survival for which type

The content of the general Save as JPG format is sometimes compressed to ensure that the picture size is not too large

Modified PNG24 picture quality is higher PNG8 two kinds of support full transparent PNG24 support translucent PNG not supported

IE6 PNG24 does not support translucency then need to be compatible with IE6

3, transduction

Hidden text Only leaves background

If the text is a separate layer, hide the text layer

Find the text layer and remove the glasses icon

If text and background merge tile background overlay text

Rectangle Marquee tool to draw a box above

If the background can stretch

Free transform (ctrl+t) stretch hides text

If the background cannot be stretched

Use the Move tool to +alt to the right to hide text

Transduction PNG24

Move tool Select the desired layer (press CTRL + multiple selection)

1.3 Cut Chart

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