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The 2015 MacBook and the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro are all equipped with a new Force touch trackpad to add new features to some applications in OS X. In the design of the Force touch panel, no matter where you click on the trackpad surface, you can get a responsive and consistent click Response. In addition, under the trackpad, there are power sensors that can detect your push and start a new way of interacting with your notebook computer.

Now on the MacBook, users can perform various actions on a project by Force Click. The foreign media has tested the hidden Force Click feature on the new 13-inch RMBP and has summed up 15 features that they particularly like.

Later, the features of the new Force click Api,force click in OS X 10.10.3 can also be customized within a third-party application. This allows developers to add Force Click gestures to their apps, and 12-inch and 13-inch MacBook users can perform a variety of operations on the device.

The following are 15 types of Force Click features that the foreign media finds in OS X:

-Rename any label

-Preview any files

-Preview Calendar Dates

-click on any date to create an event

-Add a PIN to the map

-Map application of pressure sensitive zoom

-View the definition of any word

-pressure-sensitive fast forward

-Displays all windows for an open application

-Right-click the dock icon

-Edit Contact details

-Add a number or mailing address to a contact

-Preview Link (Safari only)

-Show do not Disturb option in message application

-Pressure Sensitive painting

You can also look at these gestures in the video below. I wonder if you have any other new discoveries? Which of these Force touch/click characteristics do you like better?

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